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This, is just disgusting. If you couldn’t tell what happened, Harry was on his knees in front of the audience, and a girl grabbed his crotch area. Harry quickly threw her hand away, and got right back up. This is sexual assault. don’t think that just because he’s a man, that men can’t be sexually assaulted. men can, just like women can. If someone doesn’t give consent, it’s a form of sexual assault. So whoever touched him like that, you disgust me and should leave the fandom, because you should never touch one of the boys like that.
Calum and Duke look so good ✨HAVE GREAT DAY✨
my "feet" was so weird. And here you have it folks: Gotta Get Out by 5sos. Ik it's not that good but plz tag the guys thnx💕
*patiently waiting for the hate comments to start pouring in*
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