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User Image cbs2mai Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:29 PM (UTC)

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cbs2mai 34s ago
Celebrating my IRISH roots for the 1st time on St. Patrick's Day thanks to DNA testing that found a 6% link to Ireland, Scotland & Wales! 😊🇮🇪 So all my Irish peeps out there, what should I be doing today?😊 And please keep in mind I still have to be able to anchor @cbschicago at 10 tonight! Lol #stpatricksday #irish #ancestry #roots #celebration #celebrate #luckoftheirish #ireland #meltingpot #chicago #luck #lucky #luckygirl
User Image katylenora Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:25 PM (UTC)
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Double-posting today because I have GOT to brag on my hubs. .
Saturday’s are typically my “get stuff done” days. I sleep in, but I also get all the chores done, plan meals for the week and write out my grocery list.
Now, I work every other Saturday and sometimes I stress about finding time to still do everything. .
Well, today my hubs was seriously the REAL MVP. While I was at work he did all the chores, INCLUDING LAUNDRY 🙌🏼 (my least favorite chore ever), went to to the grocery store to get something for dinner, and brought home flowers. .
All this to say — my husband rocks and I love him, and what a precious gift marriage is. I never want to take him or it for granted.
User Image mss.gralo Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:25 PM (UTC)
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So humbled to help share the message even in a small way!! ❤ ... When you're so sad you had to miss attending such an amazing conference (other pressing work commitments) AND @jackjohnson but your friends send you these pics from the closing plenary, 'A Panel on a Multi-Sector Perspective: Next Steps in Combating Marine Debris', on which Jack was a speaker, and see that one of your marine debris cleanup photos was used as the backdrop for the discussion and Jack's performance words ❤❤❤😁❤❤❤ Screengrab of the one vid is from @kokuahawaiifoundation My recording isn't great so check out their page for the full vid and the great work they're doing while you're at it. Plus, I didn't have to pull my talk b/c one of my co-authors was able to present it in my place 👍 Thank you @noaadebris and @unenvironment !!!!!!! And @charlesg83 and @flowkimbro for getting and sending these pics!!! You guys are the best!! ❤
#6IMDC #MarineDebris #EndMarineDebris #goals #motivation #inspiration #jackjohnson #music #BetterTogether #plasticpollution #picoftheday #donttrashwhereyousplash #beach #ocean #sunset #saltlife #IWorkWithIncrediblePeople #luckygirl #inspiring #leavenotrace #bethechange #protectspecialplaces #nature #goodpeople #goodvibes #cleanseas #unep #noaa #videooftheday #waterlust
User Image samrowlands84 Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:24 PM (UTC)

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User Image kellibprice Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:24 PM (UTC)

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Dutch oven dining al fresco. Wish you could smell it! #joeycooks #luckygirl
User Image laetitiiiiia Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:21 PM (UTC)

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User Image brooklynraesilzer Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:19 PM (UTC)

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User Image griffioso Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:18 PM (UTC)

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This man is kind, lovely, handsome and is one of my best friends. He's treated me more today than ive ever been treated in 40 years. #fabfiance #lovehimtopieces #luckygirl
User Image kaity_jade_ Posted: Mar 17, 2018 10:18 PM (UTC)

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I think I’m well and truly batting above my average 😳🙌 How hot is my fiancé !!! ❤️👌 #melbournestreetart #hotfiance #luckygirl #battingabovemyaverage #bodybuilding #canpose #mrsspeirstobe

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