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After the Screening of award winning documentary "Dear Father" nd Episode 1 of "Kalief Browder Story" Met Akeem Browder.. Lot of wisdom nd expierence✊💪💪💯🗽 #AkeembrowderforMayor #twan_prince #twanp_ltm #LaughingToMyself #lovingthemoney #LovingTheMoment #LTM #Nohablabullshit
The judges have selected a name for our #NEWBEE. Stay tuned for the announcement of the 🐝name and the winner of the Bee Inspired Swag Bag full of prizes! #LTM
Fall in love with the Leica Thambar-M. Pre-order link in bio
🎀 Bawal Fringe 🎀
📌 Bidang 45" 📌 Material Soft cotton 📌 Tak perlu gosok 📌 Tak tebal dan tak panas 📌 kain sejuk 📌 Rm24
📌 1-3 pcs Rm8/11
🎀 Bawal Manik Tabur 🎀
📌 Bidang 45"
📌 Material Cotton KANGAROO
📌 Ada tag KANGAROO
📌 Manik tabur lebih banyak
📌 Sangat mudah dibentuk
📌 Tak panas 📌 Rm24
📌 1-5 pcs Rm8/11
Cotton kangaroo lebih mudah dibentuk.
Manik lebih lebih banyak
~pravi prijatelj je tisti,ki te pobere s tal,te ima rad in dozivljata najlepse trenutke~❤💞#ltm @anna_sprouse_ ❤💜🌎
Today, Leica proudly announces the new Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2 lens for the Leica M-System.
The new Thambar merges classic design with modern construction and lens coatings. A legend, reborn. Clink the link in bio for more info.

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