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The magical views just kept coming while in Patagonia. A trip of a life time that I will always cherish. #yogaretreat Thank you for helping to create it @drishtijourneys
We're going back next year!!
This is why I do what I do every day. Caught the vision of a global company 6 years ago. Really went to work and has been rewarded handsomely with a lifestyle I could only imagine.
Was there hard work? Of course. To think there isn’t hard work involved to get to success is just a foolish thinking.
Was there crying moments that I just wanted to quit? Absolutely! I wanted to quit hundreds of time. But then I asked myself: “what’s the alternate reality? Would I like to sit behind a cubicle and being told what time to eat and when to be sick?” I certainly don’t want that to be my reality. Having a job is a great thing if you love what you do at your job. As long as you enjoy what you do.
It just isn’t for me. I escaped the corporate world and never looked back. So glad I said “YES” 6 years ago.
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