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aubrey 3M ago
And now all is right with the world. (Alt. Caption: THIS IS WHY I ONLY FLY DELTA. American delayed my flight for 2+ hours, then cancelled, zero emails/calls/etc for an hour, only to tell me they rebooked me for tomorrow. Uhhh yeah. Not gonna work - see @langley_pup home alone as reason #1.) One call to @delta - got on the next flight, AND upgraded.) #LoveYouDelta #LoveYouSkyLounge
Getting in touch with delta 😍 been so lost without her 😘💕👌🏼 #warntheneighbours #loveyoudelta
OMG!!! Thank you so much @deltagoodrem for liking my video, it means so much xx love you #WOTW#wingsofthewild#loveyoudelta ❤️❤️
Look at all of that leg room! ✈️ I'm sure the people that actually paid to be in first class on this 2.5 hour flight are real happy about this baby strapped to my chest 😂 #letmeupgradeya #loveyoudelta
My humor has a time and place apparently 😢
Bless her heart she forced a laugh and I got glared at by the rest of business cabin. #loveyouDelta
Not pictured , the second cup of coffee that I absolutely did not need #loveyoudelta @delta