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Cast and Crew Highlights, Week Twenty-three
Leila Skinner, @officialleilaskinner, Actor, Katerina

Leila Skinner is the delightful actress who brought life, charm, and sweetness to Katerina. She is a born adventurer who loves dirt biking, four wheeling, camping, fishing, football, and being in the spotlight of course!

Find out more at her Facebook page,, and on her IMDb,
It's my oldest child that keeps me young. She's busier than I, smart as can be, beautiful, sassy and a darling personality. I'm so grateful for the blessing she is to our family, and excited for her future. Happy birthday Bells!
Took advantage of our last full day in #PEI. Gold Cup Parade, lunch downtown and a great photo op courtesy of @parks.canada The kids loved dressing up and posing in front of the green screen. Clearly #MsK has embraced the PEI experience and showcased her inner Anne Shirley. #vacation #makingmemories #anneofgreengables #thosekids #thatsmile #funtimes #anneshirley #lovesthespotlight #hilarious
Do you think she knows she's cute? 🤔 🙈😂😍🤗 Mia absolutely loves being the centre of attention. Last night she climbed to the top of our playground and started yelling "hi! What are you doing?" To some men building a deck next door. She's a charmer. Oh, and if you're ever wondering why there are so many more photos of Mia than the other kids on my feed, it's because she loves the camera, and the other kids prefer she's in the spotlight. I think Mia considers herself our family's mascot. 😂
Happy Birthday 👼🏼@_alie_bear 🥂 jury's out on whether I would have made it through the last year without you propping me up like Weekend At Bernie's (still haven't seen it so maybe that reference makes no sense at all) making sure I eat enough protein, stay hydrated (with vodka sodas, la croixs and coffees), get my steps in. You're the Carl Winslow to my Urkel, the Grace to my Frankie, the Michael Kaine to my...what movies was he in again??? 🤔 Hope you have a yumzino year filled with 14 year old 👵🏻 vacations, moons, intentions, crystals, tank top lines, 700 year old pears #awww #youcouldmakesomethingouttathat #leodiva #lovesthespotlight #sisterwives #googleit #remember #solucky 🤷🏼‍♀️🐷⚰️🕷🐠🐦🍖🦑🐀🍎🖊🍍🖊🖕🏻
Outfit & pose all on her own accord. I have a future LuLaRoe retailer right here! She said she wore this so she could do a LIVE sale today. How sweet! Maybe later!
#futureretailer #lularoeretailer #lovesthespotlight #lularoefamily

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