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the babes,
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[L O V E r e v o l u t i o n]
is coming in hot + woven with
amazing new details, symbolism,
stories, custom lining + on the
best vintage snags yet.
we are crushing hard ♥️
Stay tuned for launch party details, coming soon xx

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"So this, I believe, is the central question upon which all creative living hinges: Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?"--Elizabeth Gilbert
Whale medicine supports us in communicating clearly from our hearts to bridge large distances with others. Whales support us in speaking our truth with emotion, vulnerability and power. #gratitude#blessed#whalemedicine#waterislife#seethesacredeverywhere#loverevolution#northiceland#whales#iceland#eyjafjordur #nature#honorthesacred
LOVE REVOLUTION - Every Wednesday we help more than 100 people who lives in the streets of London with food, hot drinks, hygienic stuffs, clothes, sleeping bags, praying and a lot of love!!! #alphachurch #jesusguys #loverevolution
🌏 🎙Join usToday‼️ Our Wednesday Show! We will be joined by our Host of our Wednesday Show: Sue Broome - Angel Talk with Sue @suebroome44 and she will be interviewing her Special Guest: Francisca Ruiz 📻 ⏰
SHOW TIME: 3pm Hawaii – 6pm Pacific (US) – 7pm Mountain – 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern – 2am London - 11am Melbourne (THURSDAY)

CALL IN TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW AT: 1 (516) 453-9162 or Press "CALL" button SEE BIO
**You can call 14 Minutes before the show and Press 1 on your keypad to be in the queue.
LISTEN ON BLOGTALK RADIO and Join us in the chatroom >>> SEE BIO LINK or Visit our website:
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I have been in a battle with my inre Kali and Durga for some time now or not my Durga but with "my" Kali.
I'm aware of my fire and my yang-energy and I'm trying to get some balance between them.
The abillity to slaying demons when it is necessary is something we need to have, but when there is no demons to slay Kali is taking over and trying to destroy everything that has anything to do with love and compassion.
The only thing to wake her up in her rage, is Shivas love and vulnerability. .

Twinflame relationship is something out of this world and there is no answer to find from the outside, but rather all the keys are on the inside. The answer to our own insecurity or core wounds is showing in our twinflame so we can face and heal them.
An amazing journey when we can let go of 3D thinking, fears and ego and just give in to that love ❤

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Lee kyungwoo! ❤
Masih kezel abis baca si kaeng gajadian sama minji, malah jadian sama anak kelas laen 😡😟😯
#LeeKaeng #YangMinji #GongJuyeong #WangJarim #Loverevolution
Part 2.
In addition to loving blue skies and bright rainbows and cuddly animals and beautiful princes and princesses and shiny cars and trucks—our kids are capable of loving less bright and shiny things. And perhaps it is important for them to do so. Perhaps it’s vital.

I’m not ready to change my request of the Creator. I’d still like for Noah to have a pass. But it helps me to know that other parents are sending their kids to read to shelter dogs. What a truly beautiful thing. To know that your child can see something that isn’t perfect, and feel something that is hard to explain, and love in a place where love is really needed.

How inspiring.

#parenting #parents #momlife #shelterdogs #shelterpups #shelterdogsofinsta #kids #wednesdaywisdom #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momblogger #mommyandme #inspiration #love #loverevolution #adoptlove #momsofinstagram #momstyle #animalwelfare #parentblog
Part 1.
As a new mom, my first instinct is to shield Noah from any emotional discomfort. My greatest fear is for him to experience pain. I know, he's human, but I'd just like a pass. Daily, I make an itty bitty and totally realistic request: Please, God, keep Noah happy in every moment of every day forever.
But I saw these pictures this morning. Here are kids (who are about the age I was when I started binging to escape pain) reading to shelter dogs.

My gut response is: “NO! Don't let them see it yet! Shield them from the truth of this world for a little while longer. Let them believe that all dogs are happy and loved and home.” But then I think about how often people say to me, when they see I volunteer at animal shelters: "Doesn't it break your heart?” and "Don't you want to adopt them all?” Yes and yes, I respond.

But sometimes, I also want to add...There is something deeply transformative and even healing about NOT turning away from suffering. When, even though it is difficult to look, I find the courage to look. I meet the pain head-on, and I say to the ones who are hurting: “I see you. You matter. You are not alone. I love you”. Saying these things to animals has helped me to begin to say them to myself. And in a world that is constantly telling us that we have to be extraordinary and perfect to matter, it is increasingly important to know our inherent value and worth. We are worthy just as we are, because we are. No makeovers or big news necessary

I’m all for Disney and kids tunes and fairytales. I’m all for joy. And I bet the parents of the kids in the photos are too. But these parents know something that I need to remember as a new mom.

#parenting #parents #momlife #shelterdogs #shelterpups #shelterdogsofinsta #kids #wednesdaywisdom #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #momblogger #mommyandme #inspiration #love #loverevolution #adoptlove
I'm #focused. I'm dedicated to my vision. I'm ready to live life by my rules instead of being thrown this hand I was dealt. I'm figuring out how to #change it, to help others that #want to change. #loverevolution #ganesha #peace✌️ #crows #lakshmi
Truly a sad day for us here in CaNaDa 🍁 #canada
Today, we as a nation morn and say goodbye to #gorddownie
Gordon Downie lead singer of the #tragicallyhip a poet a visionary and a passion filled human being. He was diagnosed with as aggressive and incurable brain cancer #glioblastoma in 2015...
Downie was an artist who utilized his position to the betterment of his people and his country His legacy will forever stay alive with #secretpath a story about #chaniewenjack a young Anidhibaabe boy who died in 1966 while trying to return home after escaping from an #indianresidentialschool; and his very vocal speaking out and support of our Indigenous People...His words were "Canada in not Canada. We are not the country we think we are." Inviting and forcing those who were listening to really take a look at the tragedy of our countries birth and the cost of that birth on our First Nations People. I was and am forever moved by his honesty and poetic truth. My hope and prayer is that the movement he started continues. Not only by those in the public eye, but also those with feet upon this earth. We can't change what happened in our past but we can bring #healingandchange to today and tomorrow. Thank you thank you thank you Gord for your voice
your music
your wild
Be Free free
Now you are truly #themanwhowalksamongstars
"Music brings people together. So my function in anything I do is to help bring people closer in." - Gord Downie 1964-2017
#ripgordondowie #holyholyholy
#loverevolution #ripgorddownie
#acanadiangreat #rememberinggorddownie #canadiantock #canadianicon #canadianhuman #canadianhero

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