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Today, the world of skin care is full of promises of quick fixes, and products that claim to work miracles overnight. Sadly, the truth is it just isn't that simple! Good things take time; if you are dealing with skin issues, have some patience with your body. Allow it time to rebalance, to heal. The process of creating true changes in your skin will take time, and while that can be frustrating, we promise its worth the wait 💖
Oof. Did this one hit you in the gut like it did for us?
How often do we discount, discredit, and flatly don't believe our partners when they're singing our praises or whispering their appreciation?
A little while ago, we had both been feelin' a bit of the blues and decided to name 3 things we love about each other.
Sounds cute, right?
Well, not so much.
It really turned into how vehemently we could brush off and explain away those awesome things.
Both of us had such a hard time believing the other person and taking what they said to heart.
We're sure we aren't alone in that.
#amiright 😂
So badass friends, we've got a challenge for you:
• Sit with someone you love and name 3 things about each other you absolutely LOVE.
• And no discrediting, redirecting, or brushing off allowed. Minimal sarcasm is accepted. Thank you's only.
That's it.
Tag your loved one below or send this post their way so they know what's coming!
You in?
We'll start: we LOVE having you, friends, in our online Fam because you're all badasses who wear their hearts on their sleeves. ❤️
"The beautiful Truth" and "The Beautiful Life" are now both available on Amazon. Push link in bio. Much love and gratitude to everyone for supporting my writing!u
Tonight we’re celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary and it has us reminiscing on what these past two years have meant to us. It’s easy to post pictures on here and talk about houses and love and marriage, but those moments in between all that, the late night conversations, the uncertainty of what the future might hold career wise, the fights when you feel like you never want to talk to each other again but then you realize making up is so much sweeter and always worth it, the birthdays and the milestones, buying and renovating your old childhood home and bringing it down to the studs for all of America to see, those are the moments that make up a marriage. We’ve loved getting the chance to share all of these moments with you and we are so happy you are here with us. Before Instagram or The Property Lovers or HGTV, we were two young guys who fell in love with each other and had no idea what would happen. All these years later we still feel like those two young boys living in the same small town while falling in love with each other and to us, that’s what marriage is all about 🥂 @pjandthomas
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