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*insert ooshy gooshy romance caption*
But forreal, this man blesses my heart so much. He's a dime no doubt. #lovelovelove
Thank you for these past 2 years. I’m blessed to have you and baby J. Thank you for endless kisses, cuddles, and hugs. You’re there when I need you the most and that’s all I could ever ask for in life. I love you. I can not wait to marry you.❤️ #fiancé #lovelovelove
As a vegetarian who is Italian, sandwiches like this are a regular. Wildflower artisan sourdough, with sliced provolone and fresh mozzarella, butter leaf lettuce, and drizzled with EVOO and balsamic vinegar and cracked pepper. A FAVE. #lovelovelove #carbsarelife #sourdough #artisanloaf #cheeseisbae
Dumbledore's Reading Army unite! Always love hanging out with these two. Also, bottom pic: when your friends are introverts and just want you to stop talking so they can read in peace. Just kidding... kind of.
#dumbledoresreadingarmy #harrypotter
Today will never come again, be a blessing,be a friend,encourage someone, take time to show kindness & that you care , give a helping hand & when speaking , let your words always heal, & never wound... So Today May you truly make a change and make someone realize there are still some Good People Left in this WORLD 🌎... HAPPY MORNING TO ALL💕🌈 #GILCUERVA #JENNYLYNMERCADO ❤️💫 #lovelovelove #happylang #hatersgonnahate (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) おはようございます!(^з^)-☆( 🌸anne アン 🌸) 🤗❤️💫🌈 see you guys later 👋❤️💫🌈🤗😍💕🌸
At 2 weeks old ... all you need is love .... and some well earned Zzzzz’s 💕💕thank you @_iriny for Abby’s gorgeous gifts! #abbymae #lovelovelove #thisathelife #2weeksyoung

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