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This cheeky boy seems to be on nap strike this week. 😑 He is just so hyper with energy & curiosity (aka getting into *everything*! 😆) But the less he naps, the later he is going to sleep at night too - he just fights sleep even more. 😫 And then gets extra grumpy with being tired, yet living in denial that he actually needs sleep! 😂 Yes, it's been one of those weeks. Hoping it's just teething and he will chill out a bit soon. 😁 And yes, he is most lovable & cuddly all the same - but his mama is kinda tired! lol 😉 💕 #lovehimsomuch #boymama #mamaproblems #mamalife #lifewithsevenkids #babylife #lifewithababy #11monthsold #lifewithlittleboys #busybaby #curiousbaby #motherhood #motherhoodunfiltered #motherhoodunplugged #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle
Today, I had to say goodbye to another one of my fur babies. Gizmo. He followed Molly. She left us not long ago. I met Gizmo in 2011 at a rescue. The rescue told us he was 2 years old. I had to choose between him or Priscilla and Phoebe as a package deal. My mom instantly fell in love with Gizmo. Unfortunately, we didn't adopt him at the time. We thought he'd have a better chance at a home than Priscilla and Phoebe. They couldn't be separated. I convinced a classmate in college to adopt Gizmo. That person gave him up. Gizmo came to live with my family. He was finally our baby. He had a rough early life. People would adopt him and keep sending him to kill shelters. To be gassed according to the rescue. We have loved him with all of the love we can give. We found him today. He had been hiding and gathered up enough strength for us to find him. To say goodbye. We rushed him to the emergency vet since our family vet was closed. The emergency vet was open, but not in full. We couldn't wait that long. They didn't do anything to help us. We asked for a quick vet office recommendation since our vet wasn't open. The response we got from staff at the emergency vet was "Well, that's a good question." Nothing more. The first place we thought of that was close was Cherry Point Animal Hospital. We rushed in. They helped us immediately. Dr. Bottcher and her tech Lanie were so very kind to us. They talked to us, soothed us, cried with us and hugged us. We haven't been there before, but they accepted us with open arms. Dr. Bottcher explained to us that Gizmo's red blood cell count was 1.9. Extremely low. His chemistry showed that he was heading toward kidney failure. He was very anemic. She also explained that he was much older. Around 12 years old. He was close to dying even though we still had hope that somehow he could be saved on the way to the vet. We decided to put him to sleep. It was the right thing to do for our baby. As they carried him away to prep him, he meowed at us. Saying goodbye. That he loved us. He was ready. 😭😭 My mom and I hugged him really tight and told him how much he was loved as he left this world. 💜 #restinpeacegizmo #lovehimsomuch #catlady #goodbye
Cash boy waiting on kelly to get home:)

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