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The Power of a Love Heart ❤️ So we made it to Thursday. Last night was absolutely the worst night we have ever had with Jack. Mentally and physically challenging and emotionally draining. I don’t need to share the ugly details. However, Daddy’s reward chart states at the bottom in big bold letters that EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY. Today was that new day. Jack woke up and came into my bed and without prompting said sorry for trashing the place last night. I said ‘that’s ok Jack. We all make mistakes but as long as we’re sorry and apologise then it’s ok’. He hugged me and I rubbed his back to get rid of his tension then he got up, got dressed with my help and went downstairs and said sorry to daddy and had a big hug. He apologised to Alfie and to Finn for biting him then had his breakfast and got prepared for school much to the relief and happiness of his brothers who were so excited he was coming back to school. Before we left we drew our love hearts on the palm of our hands as planned the day before and we charged them up with mummy hugs by clasping our hands together. Now when Jack feels anxious or needs me he can press the love heart and he’ll get a mummy hug. It’s a simple yet powerful idea. Not mine. Sadly I can’t take the credit for it. I read it somewhere a while ago...BUT today, for the first time in a very long while 3 little boys went off to school together, each with a little #loveheart on the palm of one hand ❤️ #lovehearthands #mummylove #mummylovesyou
#adhd #adhdmom #asd #asdmom #childhoodanxiety #schoolrefusal #tourettes #chronicticdisorder #emotionaldysregulation #sen #everybodymatters #aplaceforeveryone
Had my first night away from my little pudding last night and I am so incredibly happy to have this gorgeous babe back in my arms. #love #happiness #baby #babygirl #loveheart #eliza #twomonthsold #twomonthsold #chubbycheeks #buttonnose #lovehearthands
When you've taken five in the garden and this little face appears, she never fails to make me 😂. Who needs pouting when you can do this! #magicmingo #trollface #lovehearthands #daughter #unconditionallove #newbreed
Adore our new statement piece 😍 can't wait to find the perfect place for it 🙌🏼 I always do this love heart hand gesture and love the silver heart that they both sit on. 😍❤💖 #love #lovehearthands #newbuild #statementpiece #adore. #charleschurch #persimmonhomes #charleschurchhomes
Whoop whoop for Mum! New design coming in fast!

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