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@rawbwise does the craziest street moves on the regular and this here hop 270 into a ditch in #SanAntonio is just one scary ass example of that. Featured in the #NoraCupArticlethe in the most recent issue @ridebmx #MarkitZeroVideoOfTheYear #bmx #demolitionparts #lostinlonestar photo @jcobbs
Just posted an awesome "MEMORIES" gallery from our #lostInLonestar trip with @markitbmx to San Antonio last year! So many good memories, head over to now to check out the photos from our trip. Photos by @jcobbs #demolitionparts #bmx @rawbwise @dennisenarson @asmithnh @connor_lodes @geoffslatts @ronnienapolitan @mikemastroni
Minipong mayhem in San Antonio last year on #lostInLonestar checkout the whole update at #demolitionparts #bmx @rawbwise @dennisenarson @connor_lodes
@asmithnh with a scary bar over the glory hole during our #lostInLonestar trip last year. Check out the rest of the photos from the trip gallery at photo by @jcobbs
For all those that haven't seen our #lostinlonestar edit, watch it now. You won't be disappointed.
Our new ad in the latest @RIDEbmx features our very own #DennisEnarson showing off his new Trooper plastic pedals and his ridiculous wall to downside whip while on the Lost in Lone Star trip. Pic by @JCobbs. Speaking of #LostinLoneStar, in the same issue we have our full article from the trip. Be sure to check it out and while you’re at it, watch our video with all the craziness again.
The Demolition X @MarkitBMX #LostinLoneStar video that went exclusive to @RIDEbmx a couple days ago is now embeddable to ALL sites. If you still haven’t seen it, watch it now! You wont’ be disappointed.
#lostinlonestar edit last trick from @markitbmx. Get watching if you haven't seen it yet up at @ridebmx
En attendant qu'on recoive notre prochaine livraison avec les selles & t-shirts markitbmx, allez sur le site de @ridebmx pour voir la p**** de vidéo du trip #lostinlonestar de @markitbmx x #demolitionparts avec le team de fou #dennisernarson #chadkerley #christianrigal #connorlodes #mikejonas #robwise #ronnienapolitan
Head over to the @ridebmx site and watch the new @demolitionparts X @markitbmx #lostinlonestar! Stoked on how it turned out. @mikemastroni killed it
Our #LostinLoneStar edit with @demolitionparts is now live on the @ridebmx site, go give it it a watch and get hyped for #MARKITZERO in October at #TexasToast2013!