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iamakb 1h ago
Oh how I’ve missed you my dear friend! My heart is so full after spending time with you! #lastnight #longlostfriends #reunited
WE'RE IN ARKANSAS ❤❤ wedding trip with this fine young lady and can't wait to see mis Caassssiiiiieeeeeeee❤ #Arkansas #fall #weddingsfordays #Yayyy #longlostfriends
Long lost form 6 classmates 😋
【好久不见的 中六朋友】
好久不见 下次再约 👋🏻 大家 好好加油吧 哈哈哈 😋
我不是宅女 好吗?🙄😅
Shenanigans and {fancy} coffee with this gorgeous gal today. I'm a 💩 friend and am truly the worst at staying in touch, but this girl continuously makes an effort to see me (even if she literally has to go out of her way). And she always makes my day brighter whether I see her or just get a random text from her. ☀️ I am so blessed to randomly have her back in my life. ⠀

A little back history... we went to our Junior year of high school together in Las Vegas, didn't see or talk to each other for years after that, and then later discovered that we were both surprisingly living in Denver. What are the odds?! We were definitely meant to be friends! ⠀

Things I've learned from our get-togethers:⠀

1) Be more specific with addresses for future meetings 😉⠀
2) We both like our coffee to taste and look like coffee ☕️⠀
3) Car vents are an excellent substitute for a blow dryer 🌬
Makes my brain hurt when worlds collide, but my heart is too happy to notice. 🖖🏼💙🌵
#longlostfriends #tyngsboro #reunion
งานแจกcard บวกวันเกิด @iambabe happy seeing you all นัดกันอีก บ่อยๆนะ @ouiouinontha @kasiyaa @kwang_khunniii และda ผู้ไม่มีig #longlostfriends
Tbt. Going through old photos and found this gem. I had this friend named @taco_malaria. He moved to Tacoma and now I never see him anymore. Miss you goofball. #longlostfriends #hooker #divebar #queenanne #seattle
I had you. I lost you. I moved abroad. Now I found you again in a strange land. But you have shrunken #longlostfriends #longlostteddybear #mickiemouse

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