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You see the dome? Its a golden dome of Istana Nurul Iman (Nurul Iman Palace). The Palace connects to water village and His Majesty sometimes do take a boat ride to visit the people at water village #FItakesBrunei #FItravel #longlivetheKing
User Image atroxwitch Posted: Nov 20, 2017 11:10 AM (UTC)
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"You got to realize; you're the Devil as much as you're God"
I knew this day coming, just never thought it would be this soon. Charles you had a very hard up bringing, you never had a soul in the world looking out for you. You spent majority of your life in a coruppet prison system. While in their you were used, torchered, abused and experimented on. This caused you too be one of the most enlightened yet manipulated person in modern time. I'm sorry for the life you had too live and wish I could have gotten a chance too see into your mind and your thought process. I remeber you were one of the first people I started to look up too and research and I always knew you were different, beside just being the king, you have a factor about you that made people intrigued, or even in love, well people like me anyway. The only thing I can say was ever done wrong was the fact that the murders never happend when the pedophile rapist fuck himself roman polanski was there to get what he deserved. You are to me one of the greatest people who ever lived and I feel fucking provable I ever got to share the same earth as you. I know people might not agree with me but really I don't give a fuck. Honeslty I'm still in shock and this has not hit me fully yet.
You are and always will be the king. Helter-skelter will always live on.
I love you I love you. "you haven't got long before you are all going to kill yourselves, because you are all crazy. And you can project it back at me, but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you." #longlivetheking #helterskelter #deathtopigs #mayyoubewithgod #mytruelove #charlesmanson #idontlikemondays #mansonisking #missyoumanson #goingtoalwaysloveyou #mkultra #killuminati
User Image keezy.7st Posted: Nov 20, 2017 8:55 AM (UTC)
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Funny part bout this pick is soon as we took I️t I️ said bitch y is u holding a gun he like bitch u kno how much work I️ put in 😂😂😂nigga was jus lying for no reason 😂Love u lil cousin I️ really don’t kno wat to do I’m jus lost rite now. The hate was way to crazy niggas took u outta here for nothing they didn’t even rob u or nothing jus pure hate. I’m not gon never be the same without u fat Boi rs life changed forever since u left us. The family keep saying be strong they know how we was but I️ can’t keep strong for em this time geez smh I’m really sorry I️ couldn’t help u last nite this shit hurt me so bad this shit hurt fat boi Iont kno wat to do. This can’t be real. RATHER ME THAN U and I’m serious bout that I️ can’t question Allah I’m not allow I️t jus hurt. I️ know u prolly watching me like dawg y u keep crying prolly woulda called me gay or called me a bitch😂😂😂 but I’m hurt all this random crying every time I️ see a pic or I’m around myself to long this shit hurt I’m not use to that at all. Geez on vacation that’s wat I️t is he over there with pac chilling in Cuba. #longlivetheking #pplschamp #uhatedhimuwasntrite #cr74ever. Wait them watches was way to corney can’t believe they actually wanted me to put I️t on I’m like hell naw I️ know them bitches fake they was to icy an u niggas don’t work or hustle how tf y’all get that 😂😂 restup Lil cuz more like my brother
User Image dansauri88 Posted: Nov 20, 2017 3:50 AM (UTC)
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Debería hacer un redraw de esta mierda sólo que con acuarelas... Ah, espera. No tengo.
#armadura #longlivetheking #oc #draw
User Image eugene_quitevis Posted: Nov 20, 2017 2:29 AM (UTC)
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Weekend went right. Shot my MK12 again at the range, bought this beautiful P320 and shot great too, found some Fiocchi SMK 77gr loads and purchased another part for my M24. I'd say my mancard is pretty damn Alpha! #fiocchi #77gr #sierramatchking #longlivetheking #sigsauer #p320 #badgerordnance #remingtonm24 #quanticotacticaljblm

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