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They really do ✨ last minute lash appointments available this weekend! 🍂
Swipe 👈🏼for @kamarranichole transformation!
She came in with very fragile hair that had been bleached to the point of breaking and then had a darker brown colored over it without filler.
She wanted to go on the road to getting her hair hair in a healthier state and wanted to do go the most gentle route possible, so we did @wellahair color at her root to get rid of her grays and then toned with @paulmitchellus to try to get rid of as much of the green/ash in her hair as possible.
Although her hair was really porous and didn't take as much of the toner as we would have liked, it did to Jen her color and give her more shine!

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Transformation...I had one today! Nothing too was my hair.(See the pics) But as I sat there going through the various stages today, I thought about just how much transformation/change takes place on a daily basis.
It’s something we all go through. Sometimes we choose to...
Sometimes we are forced to... Sometimes we do it and don’t even realize we’ve done it.
Regardless, transformation - change - is a universal truth. It’s ongoing. It’s a daily occurrence. Every single moment of every single day is different and will never be repeated. You’re older - and transformed - moment by moment. Do you embrace change? Or do you fight change? I was talking with someone the other day who said they hate change. From my experience, for most people, their feelings about change depend on whether they “like” the change or not. Here’s a secret though...when you set your mind to embrace the changes in life - know that change and transformation is occurring - those chosen and those forced upon us - yes, even those that suck in the most major of ways possible - when we do that, we then get to choose how we respond and how we shrink or grow from it. You don’t always get to choose what the transformation will be, but you do get to choose what the transformation means to you. What about you? If you agree, say yes!!

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