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Time to be up north to visit the gorgeous @maggienuttnutt.
Sometimes it's good to get away, take a breather and feel the air!
Great hike abiet a lot of elevation across the Yorkshire Dales but who doesn't like hills!!.
Trying to get active, energised and not focus on injury/recovery/Running ( for once!!!) Plus stairs work on the Waterfall Trail is better than any stairclimber and floor challenge.

#thisgirlcan #valenciamarathon #londonmarathon #vlm2018 #marathontraining #hike #waterfalls #ingletonwaterfalltrail #sillyness #ukrunchat #whatifirunforyou #NorthWestEngland #timeout #fell
Winter running gear is back in fashion 🏃🏽‍♀️☔️🌧🍂🍁
P.s. today my body reminded me that without eating it will not run as fast as I want it to. Got home and stuffed my face with 3 cookies and a glass of milk 🙈🍪🥛
#allthegearbutnoidea #nikerunner #instarunner #nrc #wintergear #winterrunning #wetwetwet #5km #marathontraining #londonmarathon
I’ll be running for @nspcc_official at the @londonmarathon next year, please help me to raise money for this brilliant cause! Link in my bio 👏🏻 #nspcc #londonmarathon #2018 #charity #runfatboyrun
Throwback to warming up with the elite athletes at Cardiff Half Marathon! Shame I'm only hiding in these pics 😂 Hopefully at Reading Half Marathon I'll actually be in the elite field legitimately🏃🏻 PC 📸: Paul Stillman.
Was wondering if there may be any pics taken of me lurking at the start 😂 Felt a bit weird as obviously I wasn't supposed to be there, but that's the only option when you are running very late, sneak in with the big boys! 😬 After the following 13.1 miles that I ran, I'm hoping I'll actually be a legitimate part of the elite field in Reading. Will be a good way to put in the final preparations for London! Speaking of which, championship entries will be open next month, so will confirm my place in the field and then there will be no turning back! (I could still drop out, but you know what I mean😉).
lgbtfdn 54m ago
Last year George raised £2000 for us by🏃the London marathon. Fancy doing the same in 2018? Contact #challenge #londonmarathon
Had the chance to meet Pqula Radcliff today. AND RUN A FEW LAPS OF THE TRACK WITH HER.... An amazing genuine person, and got to ask her some questions... #londonmarathon #Londonmarathon2018 #dublin #running #run #paularadcliff #hero #womensrunning
#throwbackthursday - back to #vmlm2017 where Emanuela ran an 18 minute PB and brilliantly described her race as "I run all the way feeling the engine working like nothing before. Achieved. I feel great" Bring on #vlm2018
For ages I’ve had the mental block with my running. I’ve kept telling myself I’ll go tomorrow and never do, so I got off my arse and actually went today for a very short, steady run🏃🏼‍♀️ I feel much better for it. I’m so glad and I’m feeling more positive about getting in the swing for my #londonmarathon training 👍🏻😊 #thisgirlcan
I'm like a kid on Christmas right now - Team Exceed the Dream is launching in the U.K. TODAY!!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 The business that I've built up over the past almost 2 years is going INTERNATIONAL which makes my heart EXPLODE because I'm able to connect with & help so many other people just like me, but now across the pond too! <3 To help these AMAZING women I've met take their passion for health, fitness, & helping others and make a career out of it so they can truly LIVE & not just EXIST.
I could write a 5 paragraph essay right now on the struggles I've faced the last 2 years, the hardships I've overcome, all the people that have doubted me, all the people that have 100% supported me, the lives I've been able to change, the passion & purpose I've found, quitting my Corporate job, living a life I'm EXCITED about, and all the hope I have for our team/family for the future ... I'm just rambling now but I am SO excited for the ladies I've been working closely with over the past month to finally be able to start their own businesses tomorrow & change SO many lives.

Team Exceed the Dream U.K. girls - I LOVE you so much!! I can't wait for you to start the best adventure of your life!! && can't wait to make a team retreat trip in London to hug you all in person!! <3
AHHHH!!!!!! P.S. If you're in the U.S. or Canada & want to join the fun, I'm always here to help you too!! 💕💕
I couldn’t be more honoured to be a part of the awesome Team Legend, when I think about standing on the start line of the London Marathon I feel excited, emotional and a little bit sick. I won’t lie, I don’t want to and have never wanted to run a marathon, it will be a race run entirely with my heart, I just hope my legs can keep up. This weekend sees event number 2 in my journey to the marathon.. the Great South
#running #run #instarunners #instarun #runninggirl #greatsouthrun #portsmouth #londonmarathon #vlm2018 #runwithlove #allheart #love
Looking like the tourist I am to running in my new black lycra (hahaha) gear and my amazing new shoes my mum and dad kindly bought me ❤️. First run before work this morning, and it was bloody tough, probably because I had to get out of bed early... last bit of #marathon spam for a while, so if you fancy sponsoring me the link should be below this 👇🏼🙏🏼
#throwbackthursday 2017: Five marathons down, two to go! Snowdonia, North Wales is just over a week away and Queenstown, New Zealand is less than a month... #tbt #romemarathon #londonmarathon #edinburghmarathon #berlinmarathon #chicagomarathon
Spending my lunch break trying to figure out my marathon training plan not really got a clue what I'm doing but found this 25 week plan online that I'm going to attempt to adapt. Any tips much appreciated #vlm2018 #vlm2018training #marathontraining #londonmarathon #firstmarathon #thisgirlcan #instarunner #runnersofinstagram #runninggirl #runningoals

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