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Мода, стиль и музыка
Fashion, style and music
Moda, estilo y música
Жалко , что в Instagram нельзя выкладывать песни, как в ВК , а то я бы вас замучила красивучими испанскими мотивами, которые я подхватила в Барселоне 💃💃💃 И , если раньше для меня выражение «I love Barcelona» относилось, исключительно, к футбольному клубу , теперь оно относится и к замечательному городу 🌃 в который , я , несомненно, хотела бы вернуться 🌺 #happymoments #barcelona #lloretdemar #holiday
Trade without advertising is the same as hinting at the girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else knows.
There is only one difference between me and the lunatics. The lunatic thinks he's normal, and I know I'm crazy.
When a woman buys a men's shirt, then she is in love.
I do not do drugs. I'm a drug.
Drawing is sincerity of art because there is no possibility of cheating. Either it's good or bad.
Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
Do not be afraid of perfection - you will never come.
Music for dinner also offends both the cook and the violinist.
Heaven is worse, but in the heart of man.
In the sixth year I wanted to become a cook. In the seventh year of Napoleon. My ambition has grown from year to year until now.
Every morning after I wake up, I experience the greatest satisfaction - and that's it's me.
The difference between false and true memories is like the difference in jewels - they always look fake to make them more real and brighter.
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