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When you sleep we stick em deep - Keep calm and fish on‼️ It kind of has a ring to it 😅 #teambassmanager
Two dimensional soap membrane at the LIGO Livingston Science and Education Center. October 18, 2017. What a fun demonstration! You raise a rod that is immersed in soap and glycerin and it forms a nice sheet. The sheet is quite flexible and surface waves are gently coaxed into existence with each small breath. The flow in the membrane is turbulent and shows up in many colors due to light interfering with itself. The spectral colors prove that the thickness of the film is of the same order as the wavelength of light, hundreds of nanometers, or a hundred-thousandth of a centimeter. Watch until the end for a spectacular failure of the membrane! #LIGO #Livingston #LaserInterferometerGravitationalWaveObervatory #Soap #SoapMembrane #SurfaceWaves #TurbulentFlow #FluidDynamics #Bubbles #Interference #WaveNatureOfLight
Aparten esta fecha que ese día va ser la única verdadera fiesta Hot de la ciudad capital!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥#Repost @oldschool_selectah (@get_repost)
Se aproxima otra fiesta Hot! La última edición del Dancehall Connection Guatemala del año te trae en concierto a @blanco_man_musica desde LaBuga Livingston 🔥🇬🇹🔌✔️💣🔊 En Controles:

SÁBADO 4 DE NOVIEMBRE en La Maga desde las 8:00 pm hasta que el cuerpo aguante!! Esto es una producción del Ghetto para el Ghetto 🔥🔥 Dale play y comparte para raspar al ritmo de mucho Dancehall, Reggae, Plena y Punta Music 🔊🔊 @melodymusicent @plena507oficial
@parking507 @dulayoficial
#Guatemala #Party #Ghetto #Dancehall #Reggae #Plena #Afrobeats #SpanishReggae #Punta #Connection #Respect #LaBuga #Livingston #Kaboom #NoMercy #Share
Today we celebrate National Kentucky Day! What better way to acknowledge the fine state than to sip on some delicious Kentucky history. Each bottle of Elijah Craig is prepared with the same methods Elijah, himself, used to craft his bourbon over two hundred years ago!
A little custom cutie headed to the flat lands of Oklahoma. Also, I am upping my game with @406.kayla_mountain sweet Nikon camera. 😍
Another sold in Livingston! I'm thrilled to have helped my wonderful sellers through the process & helped achieve their goal of moving to Dallas! Property website: #Livingston #LivingstonNJ #ListwithSusan #NJRealEstate #MovingtoMetroWest

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