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I love working with other women on their businesses—it’s so energizing to me! Hearing about goals, dreams, plans and visions for the future spurs me on to push myself forward, to think outside of the box, and find new ways to help my friends and clients get to the next level. Helping others fulfills my own purpose.

What about you? What inspires you? *Comment below!❤️

Looking for a personalized Time Management Coach? Click the link in my bio and talk with me for a free Strategy call. My passion is helping business women succeed and reclaim more personal time!!❤️
This is most definitely my mantra. Unless it is affecting my children, nothing is worse than my own childhood. So on those days of it all feeling too much...I can repeat these powerful words.
I want to inspire others as others have inspired me. If you have faced & overcome the storm, don't be put off by the rain. We need the rain to keep growing 💙✨💙

ancient towns in China are impressive. look like Chinese Venice. a lot of history, beauty and gorgeous nature in one place. I was surprised with the kindness of tourists travelling with me in the same bus. almost everyone try to explain how to get the bus, which one, what time etc. but of course on Chinese so I didn't understand anything 😄

next: Idonesia. I'm ready!

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Our bodies are designed to feel good! Most of us live our lives without ever knowing how great we are capable of actually feeling. I had NO idea I could feel so good and that my body was SCREAMING for a detox. I'm thankful to have found a gentle, ongoing detox system that fits into my day easily and keeps me feeling fabulous. God designed our bodies in such a way that when we're sick, hurting physically, not feeling just right or feeling out of whack in some way, it's usually our internal selves telling us something is wrong. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! Read on to see if you can relate & we may need to chat:⠀
We are constantly surrounded with dangerous chemicals, toxins, pesticides, artificial food products, medication, indoor/outdoor pollution, allergens, first or secondhand smoke, etc. All of these expose our bodies to harmful influences that can seriously affect our health. In order to restore balance and avoid serious side-effects, we need to flush these toxins from time to time, or even daily.⠀
The followings symptoms indicate that your body needs a detox:⠀
- Skin breakouts ⠀
- Bloating/stomach pains⠀
- Sugar cravings ⠀
- Trouble sleeping ⠀
- Constipation ⠀
- Headaches⠀
- Fatigue/low energy levels ⠀
- Irritability⠀
- Congestion/mucus feels like a constant cold⠀
If you experience the symptoms above, your body is speaking to you. Consistent detoxing will do wonders for your health! #icanhelp #plexusworks #guthealth #themoreyouknow #liveyourlifebefree
Ideally we all should have a firm foundation upon which we build our lives but sometimes it can be a little unstable & rocky, I've never given up hope because it's amazing how you can rebuild & cope, with the right tools, courage & belief you can work your way around it & make sure you can stand tall in the World.
My life looks a little like these amazing rocks at #carnbrea #cornwall but I can assure you, they're solid & strong & can take anything!
How about a day off and a trip to the beach? When you’re an entrepreneur, you can easily forget to schedule mental and/or physical breaks for yourself. An easy solution is to look ahead and write down a quarterly date for your personal day off. Planning ahead is key!

It doesn’t have to be expensive or extremely time consuming either. Just take a day (or if it’s tough timing, a half day). And the only rule should be NO WORK. It can be a day at the beach, a museum visit, a day of fun reading, or visiting an old friend. You have to be proactive and build these into your schedule or it most likely won’t happen. After a day off, your mind will hit the reset button and you’ll get back to work in a more healthy and productive way!
Double❤️ to agree!

Looking for a personalized Time Management Coach? Click the link in my bio and talk with me for a free Strategy call. My passion is helping business women succeed and reclaim more personal time!!❤️

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