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User Image muscasda Posted: Nov 20, 2017 9:32 PM (UTC)
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It's Monday and you know what that means! 3 more days until Turkey Day and time for #TheMondayDrill! Meet D4, Missy Kupfersmith!
1. Hometown: Valley Center, KS
2. Siblings: One older brother, Curtis. He's pretty cool.
3. Pets: The world's greatest pup, Gabbi, a fainting goat named Frankie, and 3 horses CJ, Dino, and Jeremy (my dad calls him Yellow but I think Jeremy is a better horse name). But, they're all sadly at home with my parents.
4. Schools: Kansas State University!!
5. When did you decide you wanted to be a dentist? In middle school. I'm missing my laterals so after experiencing the difference your teeth can make after my orthodontist transformed my jack- o- lantern smile, I wanted to be able to do that too.
6. Favorite subject/specialty in dental school: Operative and fixed
7. Hobbies: When I'm back home I love to rope and ride my horses but in Charleston I like to go to the beach, check out new restaurants, golf, and read.
8. Favorite sports team: K-State Wildcats!
9. Favorite restaurant in Chs: The KFC/ Taco Bell combo on Highway 17. But sometimes Husk is cool too.
10. Folly, Sullivan's or IOP: Sullivan's station 26 is where it's at.
11. Plans after graduation: Fixing teeth! I plan to work as an associate or with Indian Health Services, still trying to feel out my options.
12. Biggest pet peeve: Chewing noises 😬
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‪Loving the new @tacobelluk Barnsley, ‬ ‪Check out DJ Chris Rowe playing the VIP Launch #LiveMas #TacoBell
Can’t you tell he loves football by his facial expression? 😂 good run this season & good luck in varsity next year Juanito 👊🏼🏈🏆
#GregoriJV #varsitysquad #fridaynightlights #championships #eldoradohills #coldaf #itsnotgregorio #itsgregori #Tacobellafterthegame #livemas
Thanks for all the Friendsgiving fun and memories. Was nice seeing some of you guys for the first time and not online via Overwatch/ League/ Battlerites. Miss y'all already! Hope to hang with guys again soonnnnnnn ❤❤❤. Half of my heart is Havana oo nana, but the other half with you guys 😂. Hopefully we get to see some of the others too 😢 #friendsgiving #cuties #messyqueens #tacobell #livemas #jameson
User Image aka.princess.shai Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:51 AM (UTC)
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User Image irinashirkevich Posted: Nov 19, 2017 9:17 PM (UTC)
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Вот такой мишка получился в предверии Нового года🎅
Дома пахнет мандаринами, на стене снежинки, мишка Санта-Клаус... дочка требует поставить ёлку🎄
Мишка ищет теплый дом🏡
#новогодниймишка #мишкасанта #новогоднийтедди #мишкатедди #вязание #игрушкавподарок #teddybears #возрождаем_культуру #teddybear #ручнаяработа #сантаклаус #дедмороз #тедди #livemas #teddy #под_елку #handmade #toys
User Image katiembroyles Posted: Nov 19, 2017 4:52 PM (UTC)
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We tried to make it to brunch this morning but everywhere had a wait. Ended up at Taco Bell 30 minutes from home 🙄🙄 #livemas

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