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Who needs a chef?? At work on the grill again. Spiced rum glazed chicken, orange lemon pepper chicken, top sirloin steak in my own marinade, garlic herb grilled red peppers #lightwork #grillmaster #chef #toogood
Last ones of the night. Not the most graceful, but I don't always post me at my best. Life isn't about where you start, it's about where you are now. It takes viewing the worst of your days to see the best. #workhardplayhard #workflow #martialarts #beardgang #onmyway #conditioning #lightwork #fun
How to Value Yourself & Stop Hurting Yourself
It’s often not until we allow other people to treat us horribly and therefore feel worthless or valueless that we realize our approach to life truly needs to change. Unfortunately, things have to get seriously bad, painful or out of control for most of us before we realize how important it is to honor and value ourselves consistently in every moment, situation and relationship. For those of us who often feel inadequate, insecure, undeserving or unworthy of love, we will constantly abandon and betray ourselves for the love of others to the point where we repeatedly find ourselves in situations where we feel used, unappreciated, valueless or worthless to those around us as well as to ourselves. Underneath these painful situations, however, is the empowering truth that we’re not actually victims in any way. We’re actually the ones who’ve compromised ourselves for the conditional acceptance, approval, attention and support of other people and thus we can change this self-destructive …
~Blake D. Bauer~  #youwerenotborntosuffer #blakedbauer #selfworth #selflove
Cheer another woman on instead of tearing her down.
Ask her something about herself. Compliment her. We all love being complimented, even though we've been taught to deflect compliments light be plague. Get more comfortable owning what's awesome about you. Point out what's awesome about another woman.
As women, we are built on connection and love. We don't need to do this life thing alone, nor should we have to.
My favorite thing about the women I know... when they learn something, they want to share. It's like our knowledge and wisdom isn't living to its full potential until we share it out to benefit other people.
To all the bomb ass women in my life... I 💗you
@body.bandit challenge 😎😎😈😈 get up and do something!!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 pt. 1
.10 mountain climbers (i did 12)
.10 pushups .5 robot pushups .15 sec plank .10 squats
Within 1 min
We must be in order to receive.
And by be, I don't mean a description or a label.
Be skinnier to receive love and partnership.
Be wealthier to receive worth and recognition.
Be perfectly spiritually in tune to receive the divine gifts of the Universe.
In order to receive, we only need to return to our simplest and most basic state of being.
Return to stillness.
To oneness.
To Self.
To the silence between the thoughts.
To the energy vibrations pulsating through our fingers, toes, heart space.
It is from this sacred and simple space where we find ourselves open to receive.
Not when we force, but when we relax into who we are, when we allow that to be enough, to be everything.
Do you allow yourself the space and time for stillness? For reflection and connection?
Do you open yourself up to receive and to hear what magic the Universe is trying to communicate to you?
I’m digging our casual aesthetic at the moment. Sometimes I feel that need to prep everything up for photos and that’s cool sometimes but the real moment in between those captured highlights are fascinating to me. I feel driven to bring #magick and wonder to the mundane, tell the stories about the things we’ve gained through travels, loved ones, and so on... and of course just getting to experience this unique space with its unique energy and accoutrements 🌊❄️🌟⭐️💚✨ This space just said to me today #speak to me, look at me, find me in the spaces in between. I’m learning how to respect my time (2 of wands) and be gentle with myself (3 or cups). I’m learning to engage with others while always listening to myself (lovers and strength/8 of major arcana). I’m willing to swallow my words and take my own advice. I’m eager to gain feedback from meaningful connections with others (8 of cups, the Star, the hierophant, lovers, fortune)and eager to share in all of the juicy goodness and real ness and rawness of the future by maintaining my role in staying connected and reaching out as I can to those in need and for myself (the universe, Justice/lust, the aeon/judgment). Thank you for joining me! 🙏🏾✨💕😍⭐️🌊🔥🌳🌬🏹
#newmoon #wishes #intent#intentions #setintentions #newmoonvibes #intentionalvibes #grace #moonvibes #faith #beliefs #personaldevelopment #thankful #reflections #replenishandrenew #death #rebirth #shadowwork #lightwork #shinealight #findyourfeelings #holdspace #sacredspace #bringingdivinityback #chakra #tarot #selflove
"Once you become consciously aware of just how powerful your thoughts are, you will realize everything in your life is exactly how you allow it to be." - Melanie Koulouris #riskhappy

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