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nsfgov 11h ago
One step closer to developing a lightsaber. -
In 2015, researchers @harvardseas developed the first on-chip metamaterial with a refractive index of zero, meaning that the phase of light could be stretched infinitely long. The metamaterial represented a new method to manipulate light and was an important step forward for integrated photonic circuits, which use light rather than electrons to perform a wide variety of functions.
Now, SEAS researchers have pushed that technology further – developing a zero-index waveguide compatible with current silicon photonic technologies. In doing so, the team observed a physical phenomenon that is usually unobservable — a standing wave of light.
Photo Credit: Second Bay Studios/Harvard SEAS
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Practicing Photoshop manipulation. Before and After images. Let me know what you think 😎👍 #photoshopcc #lightmanipulation #airsoft #airsoftedit #outdoorphotography
Evil doesn't exist in physical world , Because they are in the mind of the people. Ego,insecurity and greed are the evil of the mind. Crime, Poverty and war are the evidences in reality. #ClayArt #mobile photography #lightmanipulation
Second time trying light manipulation? HAHAHA I dunno. Anyway, the overlooking scenery of Antipolo is so beautiful.
#OppoF3 #lightphotography #lightmanipulation #sky #overlook
Maribelle Garcia aka Light Tamer (anarchist). Power: light manipulation #winrenegades #jointherenegades For @marissameyerauthor contest. (Pictures sun amulet and sunglasses)

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