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If we’re going to take the time to vandalize public spaces in order to express our emotions or tell a story, let’s do it in a way that is uplifting and beautiful, not degrading and hurtful. Lift each other up, people.
In this season of transition, I've really been struggling. Our things are either in storage or in total disarray. •
Between changing schedules and locations, picking up more shifts at work, sleeping not in our bed, and of course the constant battle with medical pumps. Myself -&- my family quickly became overwhelmed. The negativity loomed close by and invades every chance the door is open. Consuming my mind and effecting my commincation in the worst ways. °
Which to me, is completely unacceptable and not the environment I want my son to grow and learn from. Things have to change, and that change will start inside of me! Even in limited space, I will find a way to be better, one step at a time! •
With the power of prayer 🙏, plant based healing 🌿🌾, a family's unending love 👨‍👩‍👦💕, & meditation when possible 🕉️ the dark days will pass and I will overcome this negativity that has a hold on me! .
#ItsOkayToNotBeOkay #ItsNotOkayToStayThatWay #DoBetter #BeBetter #MomLife #NothingIsPerfect #BeyondBlessed #BeGrateful #PowerInWords #PowerinPrayer #YLEO #Yoga #loveyourself
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I'm on my way to the hospital for my knee surgery and these beautiful knuckleheads brought tears to my eyes with this awesome picture. I love you all. #homedepot1072 #myheart #liftmeup #💋
Day 1 of my daily devotionals. Starting my retirement off right!
Visiting the "Mamalukes" in the Carskills

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