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After a long 6 month of no sun, a shitty week seeing a great friends world been turned upside down, a boyfriend stuck in Spain and someone hitting my car, definitely pass me a gin and the sun ☀️ #lifesunfair #holidays #break #stressrelease
That feeling you get when you see men having nicer, longer, & fuller natural lashes than you ☹️ #lifesunfair
Her stick sank and she couldn't find it... 😓🐕 #walk #dog #lifesunfair
Cold forged SCS from 6061 aluminium
This SCS is one of the strongest & lightest SCS in the world that still fits oversized and standard bars.
Have you got yours?? #unfairscooter #lifesunfair #unfairscooters #ravenscs
Welcome aboard to the Unfair Team Jackson Rose aka @bowlcutkiddd
Big things to come from this guy.
#unfairscooters #lifesunfair
It’s hard to see so many devastated with the sudden loss and feeling it myself. Such a sweet soul. He left a lot of positivity and love in this hateful world that not a lot can say they have. You are loved by so many and always will be. #CancerSucks #FuckCancer #LifesUnfair #NoWords
It’s different now this wasn’t isis, it wasn’t Afghanistan, and it wasn’t Muslim it was some old white piece of shit who mass murdered innocent people who were just trying to enjoy their life it’s crazy to believe that people can hold guns in our country not saying it would save everything but I’m sure this guy wasn’t in any mental state to be holding a gun. Pray for those who died such a horrible death and live your life with the idea that it can be taken away from you at anytime #sadday #lifesunfair #prayforLV

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