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User Image thomas_nay Posted: Dec 12, 2017 4:35 PM (UTC)

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Ending 2017 on a high note and starting a new career as a Personal Trainer at Life Time Fitness. Training has always been a passion of mine and I'll continue to learn and grow as a professional now. Couldn't be more excited to see what the future has in store.
Spent almost seven years with QT and I can finally say thanks, but see ya later ✌🏻 "A lot of people will never get to where they want to be, because they will never stop complaining about where they're at." #personaltrainer #lifetimefitness #changeyourlife #lifeisyours #takecontrol
User Image x_bellablush_x Posted: Dec 12, 2017 8:19 AM (UTC)

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Always being told I have no concentrate when actually I was in a daydream and my amazing imagination 😍🤗 without dreams your not leading the life you so badly want too 👏🏾 dream and imagine the life you want to lead then go get it! 💖 #bellablush #dreamingisbelievingyoucandoit #love #daydreamer #happiness #lifeisyours #leadthelifeofyourdreams
User Image ruggedrodeo Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:51 PM (UTC)

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Check out our new shirt making its debut @lasvegasnfr swing by booth 3538 at cowboy Christmas to pick one up or take a look at our other new products debuting this week!! #RuggedRodeo #LifeIsYours #NFR #LasVegas #GetBranded #Lifestyle #GoldBuckles
User Image hernymarlina Posted: Dec 11, 2017 10:11 AM (UTC)

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Masi belom bisa move on dari keriaan kemarin, bertemu dengan orang2 baru yang menginspirasi, saling menghargai dan saling menghebatkan 💕💕....

Trimakasi mba Azhtry @thytzu, video nya sukses bikin baper.. 😍😘

#kompakersdepok#kdsalingmenghebatkan #kdultahke3 #uploadkompakan #pelukmejretkompakersdepok #Tremendous3rdAnniversaryKompakersDepok #goodfriends #instafriend #lifeisyours #happybirthday
User Image gooddaywithvida Posted: Dec 10, 2017 9:54 PM (UTC)

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Hey Beautifuls, Hey 👋🏾🤗💕🙏🏾.
If someone had to ask you, Who Are You? What would You say?

For me, I could say “ I’m a commercial broker. But is that me or just a career?
I could say, I’m a mom and a wife. Ummmm, but is that who I really am tho, or is that what I’ve become
6 months ago, I really started to push this question on myself. Who Are You Vida? To be honest, outside of Wife, Mom and a Broker, I couldn’t define myself. Ahhhhhh!!! I HAD FORGOTTEN Who I Am
So I literally typed the whole sentence into google search “ how to remember who you are”. And after all the readings 📖 I did, I came up with what I thought will help .
I decided to Think back to the very first happy memories that I could remember about myself and what ever it was that was making me happy, is what I am
And without even having to think, I saw the flash back of 8years old Vida cooking. I saw myself starring fish gravy in a big black cast iron pot, that sat between three large stones with firewood burning 🔥 under it to keep the food cooking. My cousins, all 6 of them, were all sitting on the ground, kind of close to the fire and as I cooked, we just lectured. We used to laugh 😂😆so much when I was cooking and we talk about everything. We joked, we played games and my most favorite was trying to danced out a culture dance💃🏾
I cried for hours, but for the first time in a long time, I was so at peace in myself. So decided, I need to keep this peace alive and as if being led by a remote control, I went to the grocery store, bought what’s for dinner, got home, prep my cell phone 📱 on top of a flower pot, that I sat on top of my dining chair and my dish rag held the phone from sliding. I turned the camera facing my kitchen, touched record and ran to start cooking. That day, Was The Begging of Good Day With Vida
So now when I’m asked who I am, I don’t use that picture above anymore. Those people are my life, I love them dearly but before them, I was Who I am. Like 8years old Vida inspired her cousins to laugh and play, while she cooked, I’m a woman who inspires people to be better through my gift 🎁 of cooking
I ❤️ You! Thanks for always being here with me 😘🤗.
Nilai hidup itu bukan semata-mata membandingkan soal harga, contohnya seperti secangkir kopi hitam. Kopi hitam kemasan bisa dibeli dengan harga Rp. 1.000,- lalu diseduh dan diminum. Rasanya sama dengan kopi tubruk yang saya minum dengan harga Rp. 18.000,- disini. Bukan soal harga, namun bagaimana kita bisa menghargai jerih payah sang penjual yang berpikir keras sebelum memulai usahanya utk memberikan sajian dan pelayanan yang terbaik kepada setiap yang datang ke tempatnya. Seperti saya yang bisa tersenyum manis saat menikmati secangkir kopi dan berada di sini. -life is choices- 👧🍵
#lifeisgood #lifeischoice #lifeonce #lifemustbehappy #lifeisagift #lifeisbeautiful #lifeisfree #lifeisgreat #lifeismine #lifeistasty #lifeisyours #lifemustbecolorful #lifemustbedifferent #lifemustbeenjoy #lifemustbeflexible #lifemustbegreat #mylifestyle #meandmylife #meandmycamera #meandmyfashion #meandmyhobby #notalwaysaboutmoney #notalwaysaboutprice #coffee #coffeeart #coffeetime #coffeeview #coffeegram #coffeeblog
User Image withjamiexo Posted: Dec 8, 2017 10:57 PM (UTC)

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If we trust wholly in the way we trust that the sun will rise and fall each day, the future brightens up for us. .
#trusttheprocess #lifeisyours #raiseyourvibration
User Image ruggedrodeo Posted: Dec 8, 2017 7:18 PM (UTC)

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Red dirt and bright lights. Man faces beast on the field of battle. Where young boys become grown men. 8 seconds can last an eternity. If there is a better place on this earth, I have yet to find it. #RuggedRodeo #LifeIsYours #RodeoLife #NFR #8Seconds #HeavenOnEarth
Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another. 💋 จงมีความสุขกับชีวิตของตัวคุณเองโดยที่ไม่ต้องไปเปรียบเทียบกับชีวิตของใคร #ทะเลชุมพร #Lifeisyours #Happywitheverymove #BeMe

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