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The more @BernieSanders gets excited about the people beating the oligarchy, the more his hands start flying around #LetsOpenUpThisPit #BernieFuckingSanders
Another favorite within my circles, check their YouTube page. (thetinaxo) Too fucking cute.

#JulietMetal #JulietHardcore #Metal #Hardcore #LetsOpenUpThisPit

Late War: Mai, Torgau ‘45

When you’re trying to take a band photo and the Ami’s pull up with our pants down but you hatch a plan and you feel good about it so you smile and show them
They’re probably going to execute you but hopefully you can essen before you go maybe a Cigarette I don’t know made a goof during the “break” got a few of us killed that’s what I/we deserve I guess

Sorry about that

Didn’t mean to get you doods tod. *NOTE American Medic sits by calmly as we get lit up like the 4th of July.
Calmly, by our dying sides.
A voyeur in content.
God forbid they help a few Jerry's in '45
Must have been thinking about War Stuff
I'm on a plane with a reverend and full plane of Girl Scouts and decked out in a full metal uniform. Based on their looks, I feel like I make them nervous #metalhead #letsopenupthispit
dude i cant even be more hype to see you crush a big stage set after the big dub performance. Been bumping your jams everyday for a while now. Fucking gets me so hyped his music flows and his heavy. Cant wait to get wonky with the fam and then nightmare and shell shock tour hopefully will of seen boogie 4 times this yr. excision figure boogie and nectar. Thats deff my top 4, and 3 of them are gonna be at lost lands cheers. Also song is called lets open up this pit by of course @mrboogiet
Catching up from yesterday...
Day 10 - #Workout/#Hype Album
Underøath - "They're Only Chasing Safety"//"Define the Great Line"
Saw them play these 2 records back to back on their reunion tour last year. It was nothing short of marvelous mayhem. #hxc #workoutmusic #pumpingiron #running #hypebeast

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