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•Sorridere dei guai ,proprio come non hai fatto mai, e poi pensare che domani sarà sempre meglio!🌹🌙• #letitbe #firstyourself #styleinspiration
Sekarang muka dijelek2in gini keliatan lebih baik dari aslinya. Dihitamputihkan biar ga bikin sakitmata.
#somethinglost #letitbe #thebeast
That moment you feel like you are looking at a crossroad from a distance but it's not up to you to make the decision which path to walk. So you just stand there..
#gowittheflow #letitbe #poetry #poem
Goodnight, you precious beans 💫 I hope you have sweet dreams tonight. {My live stream has been put up! We went over two Beatles books and in one of them, if you see a picture you like, please DM me with your email address; I will happily scan the pictures for you. This photo was scanned from my book.} (Good morning! 🌈🌞🌻 Depending on where you are in the world)

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