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Bismillah... H-2

👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 *“The Miracle of Hijrah”* Bersama :

In syaa Allah
📅 Ahad, 22 Oktober 2017
⏰ Pukul 08.00 sd 12.00wita
🏢 Gedung Kesenian Balikpapan
🎫 Infaq : Vip 75k, Reg 50k, Ekonomi 25rb *Maaf untuk Akhwat sisa seat Ekonomi saja ya*

Cara pendaftaran online :
1. Silahkan buka link pendaftarannya di :
2. Ikuti semua petunjuk yg sudah di tentukan pihak panitia.
3. Silahkan transaksi pembayaran ke no.rekening yg sdh di cantumkan.
4. Konfirmasi pembayaran dgn mengirimkan bukti transfer ke Cp. 0852 1930 1941
5. Tim Admin Yuk Ngaji akan mengirimkan e tiket ke kalian
6. Silahkan ikuti petunjuk pada link di atas untuk registrasi e tiket di hari H

Cara pendaftaran Offline : 🏡 JL.Pupuk Utara II/V Blok E No.6
( Taman Quran Al Fitrah )
Balikpapan Selatan
*dekat kampus UNIBA*

Yuks gabung bersama kami .. *Sisa seat sangat terbatas, pendaftaran akan ditutup Hari Kamis ( s/d 17:00wita )* *Konfirmasi pembayaran paling lambat Hari Jum'at ( s/d 19:00wita )* Informasi lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi :
Ikhwan : Edes Susilo - 0812 562 09867
Akhwat : Herwinda - 0852 193 01941

presented by :
IG @tahfizhaminah
IG @sahabathijrahbpn
Yayasan Darul Farhanah
Sahabat Hijrah Balikpapan
આપના પરિવારના તમામ સદસ્યોને નવા વર્ષની મારા પરિવાર તરફથી હાર્દિક શુભકામનાઓ

#Let Us Make Surat First Happiest City of India.
Rashtriya Asha Manch R.A.M Surat
*click link in bio for full write up & story* THE JOURNEY CONTINUES! # D1NATION # VICE PRESIDENT OF GLOBAL MARKETING #🛬🌎🙏🌎🌎 Life is what you make of it! I never been one to be small minded or limit my self, or back down to anything ! WHEN YOU THINK WORLDLY YOU DO WORLDLY! And when you think small, you do small, simple math to me. But the truth is I was never suppose to do any of the things I've done, OR WAS I 🤔. Either way I'm thankful for what's been given and what's yet to come! I know just where I came from (Houston, Tx. 3ward) with a very long jounery! And I know even to this day how hard it is to not let things of your past trap you! I'm just (a soul &) energy who loves to learn! Who seeks to journey this plan we call Earth and soak up as much knowledge as I can before I'm done, yet leave behind something for the younger generation to grab onto NOT JUST SPORTS AND BASKETBALL! BUT A UNDERSTANDING THAT THIS PLACE WE CALL EARTH IS BIG! Has tons of ancient places and one can learn a ton if you approach life with a great appreciation and NOT JUST LIMIT YOUR MIND TO ONE THING ESP. THING'S THAT FADE CAUSE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM NEVER DOES ! So long story short, KEEP IT PUSHING because life is very short ! Side bar one of my fav part of this article is about me and my guy Milt Palacio. Those times at Colorado State University in the summers were the best! I will always appreciate you fam and love you bro.

SO very thankful to my man Max Ivany & D1nation for the opportunity! Let's do great things!

#Vice President #Global mind# World is a play ground #GROWTH #D1NATION #KNOWLEDGE IS POWER #LET THE WORLD TEACH YOU 🙏#
Fotos Del Live 🤗Usando nuevo Primer😉Pictures of Live Using new Primer😉Follow For Details "Condejudy" ✨fb✨#let'sgossip#tips#makeup looks💋
CALGON or CALVIN..take me away. Its ok to take a break... Invest in REST #Let ItFlow
Need I say more? ☺️✨ ⠀

And never forget...❤️⠀
That she is not to be tamed, but rather mused with ⚡️⠀

That she is not to be subdued but rather exalted, expanded & explored with depth & commitment ⚡️⠀

That she is to be respected above all, given space to be expressed & accepted for her unruly nature 🌱 ⠀

There is this "Wild Woman" within all of us, do her a favour and don't disappoint, disrespect or suppress her for she has been hungry for thousands of years to: ⠀

•Be wild⠀
•Be free⠀
•Be heard⠀
•Be seen⠀
•Be respected ⠀

So let her, let your whole soul fill with her wild, delicious essence ✨🙏🏻😘 ⠀


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