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User Image pttchlapmfl Posted: Jan 16, 2018 9:57 PM (UTC)

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My fifth letter H => humanity if you are interested in such things please follow and share. Thank you ♡♡♡
Greek islanders who have been on the frontline of the refugee crisis are to be nominated for the Nobel peace prize with the support of their national government.

Of the 900,000 refugees who entered Europe last year most were received –scared, soaked and travelling in rickety boats – by those who live on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

The islanders, including fishermen who gave up their work to rescue people from the sea, are in line to be honoured with one of the world’s most esteemed awards. Eminent academics from the universities of Oxford, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell and Copenhagen are drafting a submission in favour of awarding the prize to the people of Lesbos, Kos, Chíos, Samos, Rhodes and Leros.
#immigrants #Greece #peace #love #help #makelovenotwar #activism #islanders #lesbos #kos #chíos #samos #rhodes
#leros #humancreatures #loveislove
User Image dr_viktoria_bee Posted: Jan 16, 2018 9:13 PM (UTC)

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Yes, yes !! 'Look at me Leonard, one last time.' As an - sort of - aside, I'm reading the #poems of #sappho this evening, as thinking of going to Lesbos in May... Lest as the immortal gods is he, 
The youth who fondly sits by thee, 
And hears and sees thee, all the while, 
Softly speaks and sweetly smile. 'Twas this deprived my soul of rest, 
And raised such tumults in my breast; 
For, while I gazed, in transport tossed, 
My breath was gone, my voice was lost;
My bosom glowed; the subtle flame 
Ran quick through all my vital frame; 
O'er my dim eyes a darkness hung; 
My ears with hollow murmurs rung;
In dewy damps my limbs were chilled; 
My blood with gentle horrors thrilled: 
My feeble pulse forgot to play; 
I fainted, sunk, and died away. #leonardcohen #mylove #bookoflonging #thereisacrackineverything #thereisacrackineverythingthatshowthelightgetsin #holidayplanning #lesbos #greece #hydra
User Image miagcalle Posted: Jan 16, 2018 9:08 PM (UTC)
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Detrás de cada chaleco una vida, detrás de cada vida una historia.
Y aquí se podrían contar miles de ellas.
Hoy he visto uno de los lugares más impresionantes que haya visto en mi vida.
Montañas y montañas de chalecos, flotadores, barcas de goma...
Y #Lesbos es solo una de las tantas entradas a #Europa.
No hay palabras que describan el impacto.
#Lesvos #mithimna #lifejacket #lifeguard #refugees #welcomerefugees #refugeeswelcome #nohumanisillegal #europe #wakeupeurope
User Image houseoflesbianlove Posted: Jan 16, 2018 8:10 PM (UTC)

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User Image houseoflesbianlove Posted: Jan 16, 2018 8:08 PM (UTC)

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User Image elisaperrigueur Posted: Jan 16, 2018 6:40 PM (UTC)

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Montagnes #Lesbos #Grèce. Depuis deux ans, une pile de gilets de sauvetage, restes de bateaux pneumatiques, vêtements usagés ... se dresse entre les collines du nord, près de #Skala Sikamineas. Des centaines de milliers selon la municipalité de Mytilene. Le monceau se confond avec les cimes. Les migrants continuent d’arriver chaque jour à Lesbos, depuis la #Turquie #réfugiés #refugees #migrations #ue #greece #ελλαδα #τουρκία #λεσβος

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