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Got to Denver this morning and hit the ground running. We had a good day of checking everything off our list! I did my video for my talk and even though I was real nervous, I got through it. We can do hard things, friends! 👊🏽
First day 21day fix total cardio workout and I will be feeing it tomorrow. I have a date with my tub and some Young Living Ortho Sport. #lemondropper #sanitymaintenance #lularoedisney
The shop is now open! Thank you so much for being so patient while we recoup from the Diamond Bound event. We’re doing nitro shots for the next two weeks to get the shop looking full and holiday ready!! Each bag in the shop is still ready to ship and we’re adding more everyday. 😘❤️😘
Have you ever kept checking for something to come back in stock?? Like obsessed come back in stock? When it came to Neroli... I may or may not have screamed like a school girl when I was notified it was back in stock, and danced like a scored a touch down when it arrived 🤷🏼‍♀️ Time for me to stock up on my favorite perfume roller blend and discover what else I can use neroli for 😍#yleo #neroli
Hiking with my little ladies. A well needed day to soak in time. Be in nature.
Thank goodness for Fair day, a day off from school. 🙌
#cedarridgepreserve #lemondropper #paleo #keto #girltribe #crossfit
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Tonight is the night! My eggs are ready and we are doing our trigger shot tonight!!! AHHHH!! Wednesday they will be out, ready to be fertilized, and beginning the process to grow into little embabies!! I’m beyond excited because I’ve been really ready to get all these eggs out. Lol My ovaries feel like they weigh fifty pounds! I feel like I need to waddle when I walk! 😂 Just going to keep praying, and try not to be too impatient to see how our embryos do!! Can’t wait!! 😁🙏🏼👶🏻❤️
Monday, we meet again 💪🏼 today we set our intentions for the week, plan our oily life + multi task with a toddler and growing boy in the belly 👋🏼 👶🏼 it’s been such a wild year but as we hear up for the busiest season, we can’t help but feel blessed that we have ‘a busy season’ 🙏🏼 but side note: how in the world is it mid October already!?
I believe all of us go through seasons such as this.. A season of uncertainty. A season that seems hopeless when the enemy tries to whisper in your mind saying “You have no future”. And we sometimes in our insecurity and unknown we wonder if he’s right.

But I’m learning that in these seasons that they will either build us or break us. It depends on what we place our hope in and whether we decide to be brave enough to choose joy in the unknown and uncertain. I’m learning our destination is determined by whose eyes we look through.... read more on the blog.
What's more important than knowing who you are is knowing whose you are. #iamachildofgod
More of the amazingness from Young Living's holday catalog! I can't wait for ny shipment to arrive already! #youngliving #lemondropper #yleo #lovedroppers #rn #holidayshopping
“the universe is so well balanced that the mere fact that you have a problem also serves as a sign that there is a solution”
polarity is a law of the universe. you cannot have the good without the bad, the dark without the light. this life is full of lessons and blessings and it is this polarity that allows us to grow. be fluid 👽

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