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Our first trial of Young Living's new sunscreen for pool day today! It's much thicker than regular sunscreens which leads me believe it won't sweat right off my face! #pooltime #yleo #younglivingessentialoils #younglivingsunscreen #lemondropper4life
Road trip sale!! Free shipping on these guys today only. (USA)

Super cute car vent diffusers with 5 oil pads!

Quantity available:
2 - Flower
2 - Stars
4 - Music $17.99 each (plus tax). Message me to order.
Is it Christmas in October? If you've ever thought about joining the club now's a perfect time. And you get oregano as an added bonus oil. Perfect for upping your anti-germ game and favorite recipes. Real it's a win win win! (Want more off? Book a class before the end of the year and you also receive $25 off your kit*) #lemondropper4life #younglivingessentialoils #YLEO
I'm in love! So I've had this protein powder for weeks and haven't tried it (let's be honest I didn't want to be let down by chocolate) but now I'm kicking myself, it's so good. With PB2, it's like Reese cups for breakfast. Win win! #younglivingessentialoils #YLEO #lemondropper4life #reesespeanutbuttercupsforbreakfast
My heart is full and humbled. Our Lemon Dropper team is so full of light, love, and gives from their hearts.
Our service project this morning (although it's been in the works for months) is to pack bags full off necessities (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, underwear, socks, etc) for women and girls rescued from human trafficking. "Our organization partners with human trafficking programs around the country to provide first responders with bags of essential items that women and girls will need as they seek a brand new life." Check out @thesweetspot_org for even more info.
This is the only toothpaste I've found that doesn't make my coffee taste weird after brushing. Nothing better mess with my coffee in the mornings! ☕️☕️☕️
Part of what I love about my job is whipping up an oil solution to provide relief, healing etc. for my peeps! I know it can seem overwhelming, but knowledge is key. That's what I do :) #YLEO #lemondropper4life #younglivingessentialoils #drjenmedicinewomen
What do you do after your dentist appointment? Froyo at the Urban Swirl of course. Another stellar check up thanks to the thieves toothpaste. Seriously, no matter how much we brushed and flosssed before there was always a cavity. 3rd checkup since we started using thieves and not one once. #froyo #urbanswirl #thieves #thievestoothpaste #thievestotherescue #thievesforthewin #lemondropper4life #YLEO #ryliemadeline
I can hardly think about life without my oils! It really is a whole new lifestyle, we use them every single day. Like this gem, it has so many uses. Burns, beauty, sleep and allergies. Seriously the Swiss army knife of oils. #youngliving #YLEO #lemondropper4life #lavender #swissarmyknifeofessentialoils
Ladies, treat yourselves (and your families) Husband's, treat your wives (and yourselves) Children, treat your mothers! ♡ Mother's day is just around the corner and this is the perfect time to take advantage of this great deal! The premium starter kit comes with 11 oils, an awesome diffuser and a few other goodies. These essential oils from young living have really changed my family's lives for the better. The possibilities truly are endless. We are well on our way to chemical-free living and keep finding more natural home remedies. Join us! ♡ #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #lemondropper4life #ladyboss #happymothersday
So pumped to bring back what @sadie4780 and I learned at #ldsummit I feel super honored to be on this journey with some amazing women! We are helping each other grow in so many ways. #ladyboss #essentialoils #yleo #lemondroplove #lemondropper4life #lemondropper #oilnistas #cocogonegreen #dowork #Live #learn #grow
I can't even put into words how amazing this weekend was. My tank is so very full and I am so excited to implement what I've learned and share with my team. This has been a life changing journey from day one and it just keeps getting better! I am still in awe that over 40,000 women I was 1 of 100 to be chosen for this event. I am grateful beyond measure. I know I am a part of something huge but to be told how I matter and really feel it is process. We were inspired, motivated and oh sooo spoiled! The swag was out of control! @lindsayteague Really knows how to make someone feel important! #lemondropper4life #ldsummit #lavenderfarms #mona #utah #yleo #youngliving #essentialoils #lemondroplove @sadie4780
WOOOO My Monthly Oil box came today! It is better than Christmas!!!! Who can tell me what the Oil of the Month is?! 😂 #ylmonthlybox #lovethefreebies #addictedtooils #lemondropper4life