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User Image tiya_boekoe Posted: Feb 9, 2018 8:58 AM (UTC)

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• SANG PENERJEMAH (The Translator)
Karya : Leila Aboulela
Alih bahasa : Rahmani Astuti
Penerbit : Gramedia, Cet.1, 2011

Rp.30.000,- Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Kisah seorang Wanita berkebangsaan Sudan, yang bekerja sebagai penerjemah bahasa Arab di Universitas Skotlandia. Seorang wanita yang tetap teguh dengan keyakinan, diri dan cinta.
@tiya_boekoe #tiyaboekoe #leilaaboulela
User Image tiya_boekoe Posted: Feb 9, 2018 8:50 AM (UTC)

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• LAMPU WARNA-WARNI (Coloured Lighs)

Karya : Leila Aboulela
Alih bahasa : Rahmani Astuti
Penerbit : Gramedia, cet.1, 2012

Rp. 30.000,- Harga belum termasuk ongkos kirim •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Aku terinspirasi oleh bagaimana orang-orang dari budaya dan keyakinan yang berbeda saling tertarik namun pada waktu yang bersamaan juga saling mencurigai. Aku berusaha menggambarkan & menuliskan perasaan tak terduga yang muncul dalam suatu keadaan.
-- Leila Aboulela ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @tiya_boekoe #tiyaboekoe #leilaaboulela
User Image noojyme Posted: Feb 1, 2018 5:38 PM (UTC)

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Had a slow couple of months in the reading department 📚 🤓
But I'm back on track 🕺🏻
I'll be reading a book in Arabic, It's been a while, and another in English by the Sudanese author Leila Aboulela. Been meaning to read one of her books for ages.
#reading #books #bibliophile #bookish #bookworm #LeilaAboulela #LyricsAlley #رضوى_عاشور #ثلاثية_غرناطة
User Image biblioteczka_justyny Posted: Jan 28, 2018 10:04 AM (UTC)

19 Aden
❤h e l l o❤
Lubicie książki o tematyce arabskiej i tej kulturze?
Tu mamy Najwę, która z pięknego życia, gdzie miała wszystko, co chciała łącznie ze służbą, sama staje się służącą po tym jak uciekła z matką i bratem do Anglii, gdy zabito jej ojca, który zajmował się polityką... i tu w Anglii przechodzi przemianę duchową...
✒"Kiedy byłam taka młoda jak on, też myślałam, że w Londynie nikt mnie nie widzi, że jestem wolna. Nie można jednak uwolnić się od samego siebie."
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User Image sparrow_post Posted: Jan 21, 2018 7:24 PM (UTC)

8 Clarendon
I picked these up today at my favorite indie bookstore. I’m a big believer of my local library but my local bookstore is such a wonderful place too and I’m glad it’s survived so far. Both books have been on my list for awhile. Anyone read them? Any thoughts? .
#bookstagram #minjinlee #leilaaboulela #pachinko #thetranslator
User Image megi680 Posted: Jan 16, 2018 3:12 PM (UTC)

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Pedro - kotopies pod prawie każdym względem: przychodzi się przywitać, ulubione miejsce to kolana i ogólnie ciało czlowieka, aportuje (mam na to świadków) i wiele innych rzeczy.
Tu pełni także funkcję zakładki do książki, którą aktualnie czytam. :)
#cat #kotopies #kotopieseł #kot #pet #książka #book #czytam #czytambolubie #reading #arabskapieśń #leilaaboulela #kotpedro
User Image africanbookaddict Posted: Jan 15, 2018 2:32 PM (UTC)

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Najwa - the main character of #Minaret, was born into an upper-class Muslim family where her father worked with the president of Sudan. Najwa and her twin brother, who were secular compared to other Muslim youth, went to the best schools in Khartoum. The family had several luxurious cars, partied with their rich friends regularly and enjoyed vacations in various countries, including London where they owned a townhouse. Life was great for Najwa and her family.
Due to Najwa’s sheltered life, she was very oblivious to the fact that Sudan was a poor country with majority of the citizens living under the poverty line and with a government- which her father was associated with, that was terribly corrupt. Things turned upside down for Najwa and her family when Sudan faced a coup d’etat, forcing her family- excluding her father, to escape to their townhouse in London. The storyline cuts through 10-15 years later and after a series of unfortunate events, Najwa who was once a rich, secular university student becomes a lonely, poor housemaid. As a housemaid, Najwa finally starts to take Islam seriously by wearing a hijab and going to the Mosque to pray daily. (these details are NOT spoilers, don’t worry!)
The storyline towards the middle of #Minaret got a bit unrealistic to me. Najwa (now a housemaid) falls in love with Tamer – her employer’s (judgmental, holier-than-thou) 19 year old son, and delves deeper into her faith through fellowship with him. While I appreciated her journey towards spiritual peace, Najwa’s character remained stagnant to me by the end and I was amazed at how she didn’t seem to want more for herself or to go back to Sudan.
Leila Aboulela is a great writer and I’ve enjoyed a number of her short stories in various anthologies (including her Caine Prize winning story - ‘Museum’). Even though the trajectory of this storyline fell flat for me, I loved the calmness and simplicity of the writing. Najwa’s spiritual journey allowed me to appreciate Islam, the importance of women wearing hijabs & tobes and other Muslim practices. (reviewed 4 years ago; FULL review on book blog)•• #LeilaAboulela #Minaret #Bookstagram #AfricanLiterature #Islam #Sudan 🇸🇩
I have yet to turn back to the last book of 2017 - a short review to achieve some closure 😊 First - I liked The Minaret by Aboulela more than this one, The Translator. In general the storytelling was gentle, reserved, yet captivating. I loved all the insights given into the mind of a Muslim woman living in West (what's important - in love with a westerner). It was very educating, especially about conversion. You really start to think about the whole idea of "shahadah". But the only thing that I remain sceptical about is the ending. Some have called it miraculous, some happy (sorry guys - I guess it's too late to yell: spoilers!!) but it left me ... a non-believer :) Take it as you wish. I even thought that it might be a device used by the author: to leave you ponder if it really happened or if the heroine was so far gone with her love-folly that she just imagined it. So, does love conquer all? I don't know but this time it gets 3.5/5 from me ⭐⭐⭐🐣 Still, The Minaret was great and a big part of this too 😊

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User Image bookstraordinary_world Posted: Dec 30, 2017 4:53 PM (UTC)
4 Clarendon
The Translator by Leila Aboulela - probably the last book I'll finish this year. A suitable title to read in Rome - the hub of a myriad of languages and cultures. (BTW the novel is about a very solitary Muslim woman living in Scotland and sort of pursuing a relationship with a non-Muslim man - we'll see how it goes but I love her delicate and reserved style no matter what the plot brings...). Also the title is somewhat symbolical for me personally - this year, but let's hope next year as well. Oh, and it's my first attempt to travel with my Kindle 😀

#bookstagram #book #books #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bibliophile #bookworm #readersofinstagram #bookphotography #leilaaboulela #thetranslator #travelwithabook #igreads #igreader #instabooks #instareads #readinrome #travelrome #bookstrafrica
User Image butatliruns Posted: Dec 21, 2017 8:36 AM (UTC)

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📚 Lyrics Alley by Leila Aboulela "Travel is the cause"
So often when something bad happens to you, you think "why me". I choose not to take this stance because bad things happen all the time. The most important thing is how you recover from them. Remember Everything cloud has a silver lining/Everything happens for a reason.
I literally couldn't put this book down. I hung onto every word, I was in Egypt then I was in London, then I was in Khartoum. I sympathized with Nabilah and admired Soraya And how brave she was, going for a medicine degree when your dad won't even let you wear spectacles 👓 because they are for men. I felt like a fly on the wall in the 1950's in Sudan 🇸🇩. This book was just amazing 😍. Have you read this book?! . .
#Sudan #Egypt
User Image om_buku Posted: Nov 24, 2017 11:24 PM (UTC)

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Coloured Lights by Leila Aboulela 35.000
Pemenang Caine Prize 2000 dan African Booker Prize pertama dan dipuji Ben Okri sebagai "kisah menyentuh, lembut, ironis, memendam kemarahan dan ditulis dengan indah."
#colouredlights #leilaaboulela #caineprize #africanbooker #lampuwarnawarni
User Image bookstraordinary_world Posted: Nov 12, 2017 11:02 AM (UTC)

1 X-Pro II
Flash-review 🐞🐞🐞 I gave this book - once again (weird, ain't it 😉) - 4/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐. It is a book about a lonely woman who grew up in a pampered environment in Sudan - it's really fun to read about her freeminded youth in the eighties when she clearly cared more about American music and fashion than any rules of Muslim faith which seemed outdated to her. She, of course, wore miniskirts then and didn't bother to cover herself up. Her life in the London of 2000s is something completely different. Working as a maid she remembers the maids working at her childood home... And now she is a very devout Muslim indeed - Mosque is the center of her life and few people see her without her hijab... All that makes it a very interesting, informative book to read for a westerner. But if you leave all the cultural fireworks aside then what is left is a novel about the protagonist's life of alienation. I don't know many books which describe a woman at the center of an alienated/alienating world so well as this one. Usually novels of this kind are focusing on men - you know, Stranger by Camus and countless, countless other classics. And the loneliness of the heroine is tangible. She wants to be pitied. And you do pity her. But there is also something very tough in there... I am looking forward to reading Aboulela's Translator now... #bookstagram #bookreview #book #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bookaddict #bibliophile #leilaaboulela #bookphotography #readersofinstagram #instareview #igbooks #igbooks #muslimauthors #bookstrareview #bookstrafrica
User Image bookstraordinary_world Posted: Nov 11, 2017 4:03 PM (UTC)

0 Amaro
"Where did she come from, this woman? It was her role to shroud my mother for her grave and teach me how to cover my hair for the rest of my life. She was a guide, not a friend."
A very educating and sensitive novel giving a whole new perspective to being lonely, being religious, just being... alive and having meaning - for me, at least. Getting close to the end. Tomorrow comes my review.

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User Image bookstraordinary_world Posted: Nov 10, 2017 9:58 PM (UTC)

0 Ludwig
Minaret by Leila Aboulela. In short - a novel about a Sudanese Muslim woman in London. But it's the melancholy poetics of the text that fascinates me - now and again, not constantly. "Is this how a young affluent woman feels, fulfilled in her work, coming home to a young child? I owe myself an absence of envy; I owe myself a heart free of grudges." #reading #currentread #bookstagram #bookish #booklover #booknerd #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookphotography #readersofinstagram #igreads #igreader #bibliophile #instabook #leilaaboulela #sudanesewriter #africanauthor #blackwriters #blackandwhite #migration #womenwhowrite #womenwriters #booksandtea #bookandtea #bookstrafrica
User Image gwaylereads Posted: Oct 26, 2017 5:28 PM (UTC)

11 Aden
☕️👀 I've had my eye on this writer for a while. In this, her first novel, a privileged woman and secular Muslim must flee Sudan and settle in London under very different economic circumstances. There her faith deepens and, counter to what a Westerner might assume, edges toward orthodox. There is a love story in the mix as well. #leilaaboulela #tbrpile #tbr #readbeyondbordersoct (belief systems; Sudan 🇸🇩)

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