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Ettbens benpress 😁🙌🏼 Får helt sykt god kontakt på denne, prøv den gjerne på neste økt 😋👊🏼 Dagens økt ble:
A 1 Benpress
A 2 Stående skulderpress
A 3 Enarms hantelroing
B 1 Ettbens benpress
B 2 Sittende skulderpress
B 3 Sideplanke
C 1 Strake markløft med hantler
C 2 Sidehev
C 3 Bicepscurls
D 1 Tricepspress med tau
D 2 Kick-backs i kabel
D 3 Leg extension
#teamimprovinglives #improvinglives_no #treningsglede #makeyourselfproud #thefeelingafter
Front squats are often neglected because people can't lift as much on them compared to the back squat but they are a valuable tool in improving that lift #frontsquat #squat #weightlifting #cleanandjerk #clean #legday #squatday #squats #asstograss
User Image squatchamps Posted: Oct 24, 2017 10:31 AM
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Stefi Cohen hits a 143 kg (315 lbs) front Squat!!
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@Regranned from @steficohen - 143kg/315lbs x 1 for today's max effort. Feel pretty smoked so I'm happy I was able to squeeze this one out
User Image sofiarvid Posted: Oct 24, 2017 10:30 AM
2 Clarendon
Körde ett väldigt kort ryggpass idag (tre övningar haha) för att jag nyss varit sjuk och ville ta det lugnt. Kände mig inte helt på topp. Här är i alla fall en väldigt bra ryggövning som jag körde, fokuserade på kontakten istället för att köra tungt. 💪🏼 #proteinbolaget
User Image squatchamps Posted: Oct 24, 2017 10:30 AM
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IPF 57 kg World Champion Jen Millican fronts squats 275 lbs (125 kg) for 3 sets of 6!!!
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@Regranned from @jenmillican - So, this particular lift has come up recently in a couple of podcasts I’ve I had to scroll back and be sure I wasn’t embellishing on the glory days (May 2016)! I did in fact front squat 275, 3x6. It is definitely one of the more difficult sessions I’ve had but also one of my most favorite lifting moments. @jenmillican (@get_repost)
Want to know what the last set of 3x6 FRONT SQUATS AT 275lbs looks like? Look no further. It looks like death.

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