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It was so fun preforming at @ajachannelside on Friday! I am so honored to be a member of @celestialflowtribe_fl I never saw myself doing anything serious with this passion, yet here I am! It’s amazing having a like minded group of flow artist to learn and grow from! Can’t wait to see what other successes lie before me! #tampa #downtown #gogo #dancer #fl #ledhoop #hoop #hooplah #moodhoops @moodhoops
✨ It was so luvly to - s t r e t c h- in my cosy lil room and listen to the rain against the window after a productive day at college. 🎨 I haven't ever done yoga and hooped before,  but thanks to the #AutumnFlowChallenge , I pushed myself outta my comfort zone and did something I'd never thought of trying. This is my late submission for day 3 which was #YogaFlow - I definitely do not take enough time to feel and stretch my body daily, but whenever I do take some time out to do yoga I always feel bright and energised for the rest of the day, and hooping just adds to the fun! 💖 ✨
I am playing a serious catch-up with the #AutumnFlowChallenge ! 🍂 After a nightmare of countless technical difficulties,(technology and myself do not get along) I can finally upload my submission for #FreeFlow - After getting cabin fever from being cooped up inside during Ophelia, it was just delightful getting to don a pretty swishy dress and dancing in one of my favourite places back home - my favourite thing as a kid was to dress up and dance, and I think that's why I love hooping - it gives me back that playtime. It's when I feel my most free 💖
Kiasmos makes me feel all the warm-fuzzys inside - here's my v late submission of some slow beach flow for day 2 of the #AutumnFlowChallenge which was #IsoFlow
#phoenixhoop flow from awhile ago
✨💜🌈 In Chicago for the weekend for Zeds Dead, Ghastly & more Deadbeats Chicago i’m ready for yaaa! 💀🎶
[Tropical house 🏡 🐠 remix of @zaralarsson -I Would Like]
#hoopersofinstagram #hoopersofig #hoopdance #hooping #hoopitout #hoopjourney #spinfx #smarthoop #ledhoop #zaralarsson #tropicalhouse
Over the past few months I've been trying to learn hoop dancing and seeing as I'm slowly getting the hang of it, I though it was about time to try out my beautiful LED hoop! @threeworlds #threeworlds #LED #LEDhoop #hoopdancing #flow #lightpainting
ig made me remove the sound on this and that really pisses me off also you cant tell but im standing on a wooden mushroom 🍄
Too cute 😄💀
Repost from @cherryhoopsdotcom - Goofing around with The Tarts tonight! I'm loving our skeleton crew. 🍒💀☠️🍒 #cherrytarts #hoopskate #skeleton #blacklight #glowinthedark #ledhoop #halloween #boomerang #skatelife #hooplah #hoopspam

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