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User Image freedom4inspiration Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:14 PM (UTC)

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Had such a busy, fun filled few days forgot to post some pictures of the k DD having fun at Nature Rangers Christmas Party Thursday! #homeed #learningshouldbefun #bouncycastle #dressup #crafts #partyfood
User Image wesc_eg Posted: Dec 14, 2017 5:50 PM (UTC)

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It’s just the best thing that happened all year. We don’t know why #santa came to #labsoflearning in #spencerport nor do we know why he was driving a car (probably the only troubling part of this magical situation for my sweet lil math monster seen in these pics)...but who cares?!! He was here!!! And he was the kindest person I’ve ever met! #christmasmiracle
I think he put a new spin on #findingthejoyinlearning
#thankyousanta #rochesterny #rochestertutor #tutoringcenter #onlinetutoring #onlinetutor #mathtutor #readingtutor #writingtutor #mindfulness #learningshouldbefun #mathteachergonewild
User Image rollingprairiereaders Posted: Dec 12, 2017 5:23 PM (UTC)

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Playdough is one of those activities that we keep on hand all the time (along with our #sensorybin). It's so good for building #finemotorskills and #imaginativeplay is vital as a pre-writing skill.
Adding one simple accessory (beads, in this case) can change the whole direction of play! For 19 more 🎄-themed activities, check out the link in my bio!

#learningshouldbefun #learningthroughplay
User Image wesc_eg Posted: Dec 12, 2017 9:44 AM (UTC)

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Who said we can not have fun while learning?! El Alsson students in Fayoum with WESC. #wesc #classroomwithoutwalls #education #learningshouldbefun #elalsson #fayoum #wadihitan #sandboarding
User Image wesc_eg Posted: Dec 12, 2017 9:39 AM (UTC)

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Alsson students learning about hazards of different fishing methods in fayoum. #wesc #classroomwithoutwalls #education #learningshouldbefun #fayoum #elalsson
User Image rollingprairiereaders Posted: Dec 11, 2017 6:07 PM (UTC)

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Our current sensory bin includes green noodles and jingle bells. Last night, I snuck in some magnets, and she has been busy building and exploring between school lessons this morning. #sensoryplay #sensorybin #handsonlearning #girlsinSTEM #learningshouldbefun
User Image mizz_epp Posted: Dec 8, 2017 11:23 PM (UTC)
1 Mayfair
In Grade 7 LA today, I endorsed gum chewing as we all finished our “Ugh! I got gum in my hair!” writing assignments that taught students to write with VOICE (write from the perspective of the human, then the hair, then the gum!). Here they assemble the visual representation, and then we had a bubble blowing contest for a while before they ultimately stuck a big wad of Hubba Bubba in their posterized self’s hair. Fun Friday! #dmaaepsb #learningshouldbefun #epsb
User Image mscsbend Posted: Dec 8, 2017 10:45 PM (UTC)
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User Image j_to_the_4th_power Posted: Dec 8, 2017 5:15 AM (UTC)

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Yey! Almost Friday! Now having a Thursday night run thru before he sleeps! My grade schooler came home last Monday with this vocabulary for the week as one of his homework every single night. And it is just one set of an assignment! The first week, they only had 10 words, now they have 61! .
He work with this vocabularies - Monday for arranging alphabetically, Tuesday for syllabicating the words, Wednesday for making a complex sentence, Thursday for writing each word 5 times Friday is the test day! Aside from other worksheets he has! Me and my boy are overwhelmed! Whew! .
Well, more homework. Keeps him busy, responsible, and hopefully he is learning alot each day. On the bad side though, he becomes impatient and frustrated if he is becoming time pressured or if his brother is bothering him and he is not yet done for the night. This also calls for more multitasking task for me. 🤰🏻👶👦👨. There are nights I want to complain with him, it has been so much overwhelming nowadays! Especially if paired with english logic, math logic, and the “feels like gazillion” complex multiplications (30 plus items of thousands to tens set). .
Feels like I am running my own school , day (for baby kuya 👦) and night (for kuya 🧒).
Thanks to daddy for helping me at night for untouched household chores! 😘❤️
#homework #worksheet #school #assignment #noplay #multitaskingmom #jvmstories #jjjbvmchronicles #complaintsarefortheweak #multitaskingatitsfinest #weekdaysbelike #weekday #schoolday #schooler #teachingathome #reality #life #struggleisreal #vocabulary #spelling #homeschool #amotherslove #mommylife #parenting #homeschooling #pinoy #homestudy #schooldiaries #mommylife #mommygoals #learningshouldbefun
User Image teacher_allan Posted: Dec 7, 2017 8:58 PM (UTC)

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Vocab and writing game
Give each student a blank sheet of paper and ask them to draw lines dividing he sheet into 5 equal sections. Then ask the students to write 1 word in the first section and then crumple the paper. After that, play a song and students start hitting each other with the wads of paper (This is for the purpose of getting the wads of paper mixed up). Stop the music, ask the students to pick 1 wad of paper and go back to they seats. Ask ss to open the wads of paper and write a definition for the word written on the paper by their classmates and then write another words in the next section.
Repeat this process 5 times.
At the end, ask ss to write a paragraph using the 5 words on their paper.
User Image kinder_pals Posted: Dec 7, 2017 4:11 AM (UTC)

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There's no better way to learn than by having FUN! ❤️✏️
User Image rollingprairiereaders Posted: Dec 6, 2017 4:16 PM (UTC)

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When you have a 13-letter last name you get creative! The girls have a song to sing (to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell), and Kate loved this Christmas tree activity. If you don't have a super long last name, you could use your phone number or practice ABCs or skip counting.

For 19 more activities, click on the link in my bio! #totschool #preschoolathome #learningshouldbefun
User Image mrsabigrace Posted: Dec 6, 2017 3:57 AM (UTC)

2 Ludwig
Today is snail day. Learning all about who these little guys are, what they like to eat, when they like to sleep, where they like to live, and why they can be good for the garden! #naturelovers #hiphomeschooling #schoolathome #learningshouldbefun
User Image rollingprairiereaders Posted: Dec 5, 2017 10:29 PM (UTC)

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We needed 3/4 cup of milk for our recipe. I gave her a half-cup and she *immediately* knew it was 1.5 units. I am amazed by her math mind. #learningshouldbefun #6yearsofKate
User Image momheadart Posted: Dec 5, 2017 9:16 PM (UTC)

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Toddler Santa has been enjoying the new art space. He’s currently working on his fine motor skills with some sensory play. #momlife #toddlerlife #clothdiaper #jackskellingtoncover #coverandprefolds #playdoughfun #sensoryplay #playislearning #learningshouldbefun

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