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How could life look different if we just changed our mindset?
Luke 13:24, “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.”
Why can’t they enter the narrow door? Because they lack the fundamental key, faith, which makes you so small that you despair of your works and cling only to God’s grace. Without faith, one thinks himself big, and he cannot walk through the door even though he tries. Faith makes you into a mustard seed. While we seek to exalt ourselves, by faith God lowers us so much (Luke 1:52) that we realise without Christ, we have nothing. And so by faith we cling to His grace as He walks us through the door.
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Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about God Opening the Earth: Matthew 27:45-55, 2-66; 28:1-15.
Bible Words: He is not here, for He has risen. Matthew 28:6.
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Direct your gifts to general disaster response so we can respond to today's disasters as well as tomorrow's.

LCMS Disaster Response resources have been stretched with the ongoing response to this year’s multiple catastrophes, including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, the mudslide in Sierra Leone, and the Mexico City earthquake, wildfires in California, as well as recovery efforts from the previous year’s disasters, which include Hurricane Matthew’s destruction in Haiti, severe floods and tornadoes in the Midwest and catastrophic flooding in the Southeast. Please consider directing your gifts to the overall restricted disaster relief funds that enable LCMS Disaster Response to provide immediate, robust disaster relief for unexpected calamities like these that could occur in the months and years ahead:
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Come join the crew tomorrow, October 17th 8am-12pm to help build a home in Habitat’s Veterans Village in Umatilla. No prior construction experience is needed...just a willing heart and a desire to honor our veterans. For more information, and to sign up, please email Kaia at
Serve day info in app and
Want to know more about the Veterans Village?
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Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about God Opening the Earth: Matthew 27:45-55, 2-66; 28:1-15.
Key Point: The earth quaked at Jesus' death and resurrection, proclaiming that He truly is the Son of God. God's Word clearly proclaims this same wonderful reality to us.
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Yesterday in Sunday School we learned about God Opening the Earth: Matthew 27:45-55, 2-66; 28:1-15.
Law: Because of my sin, I deserve to suffer and die eternally.
Gospel: God sent His Son, Jesus, to suffer and die for me so that I will live forever with Him.
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Posing with Martin Luther, as one does at the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the reformation. #milcms500 #breslincenter #lcms
We had a great night all together. Thank you to all the volunteers and staff that put in all the countless hours. We are truly blessed. Here We Stand! #milcms500 #blessed #luther500 #lcms #christourking #herewestand
Kid sports, brunch, rest, work, and beach days are real Sunday events. If you can’t make it to church Sunday morning, we've got an evening service for you. We call it 5FORTY7! We start in 60 minutes, so get some flip-flops on and head over. Bring a friend or make a new friend tonight. Everyone is welcome to visit! This family is friendly and welcoming.
We'd love to see you tonight at 5:47pm!