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Rise and shine beautiful humans. ☀️ Remember to be kind to yourself today. Fill up on some feel good things. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Drink more water. Set boundaries for how much you're using your phone. Tell a stranger a joke. Take a bath. Dance in the street. Take today and make it a good day despite any of your circumstances. I Love you 💓. 💖 wishing you a beautiful Monday 🌞
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My personal practice is usually Home practice, but when I go to the studio I arrive early (even if it's 60 seconds early) and if I'm more than 1 minute late I will assume I've missed class and won't impose myself into the classroom. My phone will be off and only twice in my 7 years of practice have I walked out of the classroom early because I felt the instructor was unsafe. I find that more people are showing up later/ leaving early/ on the phone in class and conversations/ handstands while the rest of class is in shavasana. While it can bother me as a practitioner, I also understand that everything is only as sacred as you make it. Everything in life once started in deep tradition and has evolved as times goes on to be less so. Coffee making used to be an art, now we have a machine for it ( I say this cause I just had some) writing books used to be an honor worthy only of the richly educated, now you can self publish. And as much as I think I am a fairly traditional yogi, there is a vegan somewhere who gets up every day at 4 am to practice ashtanga and it ain't me.
What I do believe we could use more of isn't necessarily tradition so much as it is awareness of the space around you.
If you are going to keep something sacred have it be the time you gave yourself to practice, and if you are choosing to show up isn't it worth showing up all the way?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this 🙌🏻 leave me some food for thought in the comments and I'll read then in my phone during savasana 😜jk I'll wait till class is done because savanasa is my fave part 🙏🏻love y'all! ❤ happy Monday!
Some research indicates that happiness 😍 is linked to personality characteristics and interpretive styles 💃🏽.For example, Happy people are generally optimistic, outgoing, curious and tender-minded; they also tend to persevere, have several close friends, 👯possess high self-esteem, be spiritual and have a sense of control over their lives. 💪🏽
Our next retreat is aimed at cultivating all of these desired emotions, characteristics and connections all while bringing you closer to yourself. 👍🏽🤸🏽‍♂️💗
We are heading to Croatia This June, for a fun filled yoga ☀️ Summer Retreat. All levels of yoga experience welcome🙏🏾. On this retreat we will be spending most of the time grounding and rejuvenating with our toes👣 in the Sand. 🏖We have a bunch of fun workshops including different craft time with @sarah.rose.21 partner stretching, #acroyoga , hiking. Yoga, as well as plenty of time to just lounging in the sun👙and taking in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea🏝🌊. For More Info: check out either of our websites
Dm Me With Any questions!! See you at the Sea! 🦀🌴☀️
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•Shorter Sched•
Mon 6:30a ODD SL *sweat
Mon 11:00a ODD ER *sweat

Tu 5:45p Rise Movement
Tu 7:45p Hot Pilates

We 5:15 ODD SL *core
We 7:30p Sweatheory
✌🏾 See ya next week!
An Evening with @mcyogi
October 28th
6:30pm - 9pm ✨💕💜 @bhaktiyogashala
207 Arizona
Santa Monica CA 90401

Tickets Available Here ⬇️
Price: $45

Come join us for this very special event with one of modern day yoga's great shining stars: MC YogiI. MC Yogi and 10,000 Buddhas (Amanda Giacomini) will be stopping at Bhakti Yoga Shala on their US tour to share their love for yoga, music, and art along with stories from MC YOGI'S new memoir SPIRITUAL GRAFFITI: Finding MY True Path.
This very rare and special event will include a 75 minute yoga class, inspirational talk, book reading, Q and A, and book signing.
MC YOGI is a world-renowned yoga teacher and musician. He has performed and taught yoga everywhere, from head-lining festivals and nightclubs to performing in the Forbidden City in China and even at the White House. When not on the road, MC YOGI and his wife Amanda teach at their home studio, Point Reyes Yoga, in Northern California.

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New week, open heart. 💗
NINE chances to catch me this week:
Mon 9:15AM @sweatyoga
Tues 7:30PM @equinox MDR
Wed 9:15AM SWEAT
Thurs 9:30AM EQX MDR & 7PM
Fri 7:45 & 9:15AM SWEAT & 1PM EQX Westwood
Sat 11AM EQX Westwood .
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Man, what a great day it's been. Enjoying my time out in Santa Monica beach on Sunday. I love how creative I've been feeling recently. Check out my latest Instagram story on my new trick.
Make magic with @mirellycakes and @actionhiro
My outfit by @aloyoga
Sunday stretch! Hollow-back stretch and forearm stand combo. Killing strength and flexibility birds with one stone. But also not actually killing birds because I’m not a monster or anything. 🦅🤘🏻
I see you. I truly do. The good, bad and ugly. What we think is good, isn't always. What we think is bad, isn't always. What we think is ugly (when referring to ourselves) most of the time is not. Unless it's your shitty attitude about yourself; in that case, come to my class tomorrow morning at 10am. @electricsoulla #higherliving #highervalues #deeperconnection #yoga #yogateacher #dontbeanasshole #livelove #fitmind #fitlife #layogis #layoga #losangeles #electricsoulyoga #firstlightbeauty #discoveryourself
The more we attune to peace, the more radiant our lives become. ✌️️ - Zen Proverb - #embraceyourpower 📸 : @welltoxco

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