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User Image candice.doan Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:29 AM (UTC)

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I’m so glad that I’m blessed with so many “funnies”. Thank you so much for bringing me endless joy and laughters. You guys rock!! #friends #funny .
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User Image feliciamartiphotography Posted: Jan 21, 2018 6:20 AM (UTC)

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We all need someone we can hit the pause button with when the stresses of life get to be too much. Today was a bit of a hectic day as I was driving down to Castle Rock for a bridal consultation. I was lucky enough to have my guy Dave to volunteer to drive down there with me so we could still spend some time together today (weekends are really the only times we have together). As soon as we got down there I got an email that my bride that she had to cancel. 😔Totally understandable on her end! And I’m the first to understand that stuff comes up. Nevertheless I was a little bummed out. Life can be overwhelming sometimes. With so much to do, so many people to please, and dreams you’re trying to steer toward, sometimes it’s the things that in the end won’t matter but in the moment are discouraging. I’m so glad that I had someone with me who didn’t let me fall down. We hit the pause button together, made the best of our adventure, and had an awesome date day. It’s lucky to find that special someone who puts silver into life’s lining. @daviddavenport_iii #thingsworkout #meanttobe #loveofmylife #laughtogether #staytogether #engagementphotos #citygoers #loveandlaughter #engagementphotography #engagementphotographer #happycouples #makethebestofit #relationshipgoals #photooftheday #coloradophotographer #engagementphotos #💍 #weekend
User Image niall.mander1 Posted: Jan 21, 2018 3:53 AM (UTC)
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Date night with my better half. Feet was killin me but i still had fun 😂😂😂. #DateYourSpouse #LaughTogether #HaveFun #IceSkating @inhisimage_127
User Image stylizedglimpses Posted: Jan 21, 2018 2:27 AM (UTC)
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The kids were confirmed for flu this morning so my date night became a dude date instead. 😏 Luckily it wasn’t a romantic restaurant type of date... they’re enjoying beers at a hockey game so it’s cool. 😉 But I do wish we were getting the alone time. It was feeling much needed after this long week of sick kids which is clearly moving with us into next week. Luckily we had a tad bit of time this afternoon to laugh together as I oh so awkwardly posed for some photos in our backyard. (I needed a headshot for work & added in a few shots for future #instaposts and let’s just say I’m the worst. 😂 How do you fashion blogger ladies do it?!) Anyway, those few moments together, in the midst of survival mode where you feel like passing ships, was just enough to fill my love tank. He made me smile, we laughed together (at me), and it was enough. ❤️ Marriage and parenting ain’t easy, friends. But wow, is it so incredibly worth it. #marriage
User Image glassofjen Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:42 AM (UTC)

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... it takes REAL lovers to be silly. #MakeMeLaugh #LaughWithMe And I’ll know it’s real, when I feel safe enough to let my silly side show completely - when it’s just the two of us!
User Image gosopy Posted: Jan 20, 2018 9:41 AM (UTC)

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gosopy 1d ago
The best wines are the ones we drink with friends. -anonymous- #toastoffriendship #toastforbirthdayboy #laughtogether #LBD
Make it a point to laugh every day with those you love! It's just flat out good for the soul❤️
#happysaturday #laughoften

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