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Every once in a while I get to do some classic lashes 😍😍😍
I set new/ adjust my goals close to every single week. I never stop striving to be better, do better and grow in my personal and business life.
Good Morning Lash Babes
1. Look how dark and fluffy these are.
2. We took her down 1 to 2 lengths
3. Longer isn’t always better
I love when I can create a dark dense lash long for my clients
4. Using .06 c-curl 8mm-10 mm (with some 11s left over from her last fill)
I always draw lash maps for fills and full sets!
#Repost @ebllashes (@get_repost)
It’s time for a little EBL TIP! I like to “map out” what I am doing on my client or “create the bones”. This is a basic map. You can do so much off of this- add in different curls, add in more lengths, different diameters etc. The options are ENDLESS my ladies and gentlemen!😍 How many of you currently Map?! I’d love to see yours this week tag #ebllashes
Only Openings left for October!
Microblading 50$ off and Full set Lashes 25$ off
10/11 9am & 12:30
10/12 3pm
10/17 8am & 1pm & 5pm
Call or text Liz too 775.276.3664
I fell in love 😍🔥...Crazy how every person has different lashes, different shapes, different sizes, different EVERYTHING lol...hit me up for your next appt. 😉💕#lashesextension #lashesbyliz #lashesbylizmedina #oakleylashes #bayareamakeupartist #bayarealashes #nomascara #sugarlashpro 🔥
When your sis comes for a visit you hook her up with some bomb lashes 😏. Love this done/undone shot 👌🏽
Collab with @georgealmanza_ I am in Awe!!! 😍🔥and I am so honored to have worked with such talented, gorgeous people!!! Thank you so much @3lena87 you killed it!!! My hot model 😘🔥#makeupbyliz #makeupbylizmedina #lashesbyliz #lashesbylizmedina #bayarealashes #sugarlashpro #oakleylashes #portraitphotography #georgealmanza
Collaboration with @georgealmanza_ I am speechless!!! 🔥Can't wait for the rest of the pics! 🚨Website coming soon!!!🚨models: @veronicaearias @rakim_higgs you guys killed it!!! 👌...looking for a photographer/videographer contact @georgealmanza_ he's the BEST!!! #makeupbyliz #makeupbylizmedina #bayareamua #mau #oakleymakeupartist #lashesbylizmedina #lashesbyliz
Happy hump day everyone! 💜
Had some fun doing these Lashes
Classic set 😍 using my @sugarlashpro lashes!....I have room for 2 more at $75 full set!!! DM for your next appointment 😘 #silklashes & #flatlashes...flat lashes were so easy to place and they are both a dark matte finish, their tweezers where amazing!!!! 🙌... I love obsoletely love them!!! 🔥 #sugarlashpro #lashextensions #lashesbyliz #lashesbylizmedina #makeupbyliz #makeupbylizmedina #bayarealashes #oakleylashes
So a ton of people asked for a video about my tip I posed last week so here it is 🤗 this is how I fix the base of my lashes when one strays away
Hello there little fan! 💜💜💜 Are you ready for a little lash tip?? Your base of your lashes don't have to be perfectly together when you pick it up... most of the time I have one or two that are sticking out like on this little guy 👆👆👆
How to fix it you ask?
Dip in adhesive like you normally would and I drag the base along the side(make a line) of where my adhesive is (glue ring, jade stone etc.)