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Me Trynna Figure Out Who Tf You Talking To...And If Me, WHY Lil Bihh? 😂😂😂
After working 10-10 sooting all day dealing with everything that COULD go wrong I just started thinking about why I love art && what I do...idont have very many "artist" i look up to or admire but the man behind this jacket, @dk1994 has been an inspiration of mine since my Laurel days...always been outside of the box and really cemented a brand/business like ive never seen from most...I've wanted a piece of his art or the crewnecks FOREVER (my mommy would never buy em for me ctfu) and finally earlier this year I was able to cop this from him personally. He has no idea how geeked I was to meet him and get this jacket but I did promise that when I wore it I'd post a pic bro they are lol thanks for being an inspiration and an amazing artist man I've been watching you do nothing but grow since my freshman year '06 ✊✊✊ you all should check his work out..doubt you've every seen anything like it!
f1n.69 1y ago
Sometimes being a brother is better than being a superhero. Laughters never end with you. Laugh and laugh and laugh. All the very best! Cheers my bro 🍻 #brotherlylove #laughter #lovetolaughwithyou #lamebrotherhood #teczo #vipguides
Original picture, custom frame from the young Basquait @dk1994 #LameBrotherhood
So we decided to change it up for episode 3 😏 tomorrow's Artifact of the Week features this dope gif made by @dk1994 ! Make sure you head to or download the app to check us out ! In the meantime, stop by @labcabcle for more dope artwork
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