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The same place ten minutes later. When flame-colored sunset finally has reached the first peaks of our camp we figured out all the beauty of Fann mountains once again.
Тоже место 10 минут спустя. Когда огненный закат добрался до первых вершин у нашего лагеря, мы вновь наблюдали всю красоту Фанских гор.
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"Boundaries are not selfish. They aren't overindulgent or evidence that you are too sensitive, and they aren't weakness. Boundaries are conditions that give you the means to survive and keep from sinking. They are circumstances that honor your needs and respect your feelings. Limits that you get to decide on; limits that are inherently valid, regardless of how they compare to anyone else's.
You deserve to create a space that feels safe and supportive. You deserve to exist under terms that don't harm you; terms that allow your best Self to come through. Even if other people don't understand; even if it makes them feel angry or rejected or sad.
Your boundaries are necessary and they matter. Their needs matter too, and it's not wrong to want to make shifts to accommodate both, but the truth is that you can't take care of anyone else if YOUR own needs aren't being met. You don't have to justify them, and You don't need anyone's approval. You need to believe that you are someone worth taking care of, and you need to trust that if anyone is entitled to your protection and care, It's YOU."
Via Daniel Koepke // Internal-acceptance-movement // hi! Late post/ I did so much errands today but I forgot I had to watch a video for a class and it's mad long, and then I have to take a test after that😓/ so this girl is staying up late tonight.🌌 #imworking #tomorrow #earlymornings #thestruggle #myootd #parks #hikingadventures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Up above 10,000 feet in awe of the amazing alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevadas. 🏔️

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