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√Rose brand minyak goreng 2L
√Save L gula pasir 500gr
√Teh poci vanilla 25x2gr *PAKET Rp 50,000*
√Venezia assorted tin Kecil 277gr
√Marjan squash orange 450ml
√Tropical minyak goreng 1L
√Save L gula pasir 500gr
√Teh poci vanilla 25x2gr *PAKET zakat ( A )Rp 50,000*
√Beras setra Ramos Choice L 2,5kg
√Save L gula pasir 500gr
√Tropical minyak goreng 1L √Royco bumbu komplit ayam goreng 22gr *PAKET Rp 75,000*
√ABC special grade 485ml
√Teh poci vanilla 25x2gr
√Rose band minyak goreng 2L
√Nissin wafers Chocolate 330gr
√Save L gula pasir 1Kg *PAKET ZAKAT (B) Rp 100,000
√Beras setra Ramos Choice L 2,5kg
√Save L gula pasir 1Kg
√Marjan syrup cocopandan 460ml
√Rose band minyak goreng 2L
√Selamat wafer 200gr
√Teh poci vanilla 25x2gr

Yukk segera rapatkan barisan dan dapatkan segera paket paket yang anda inginkan. Jangan sampai ketinggalan dan jangan sampai kehabisan.
Selama persediaan masih ada 😀🙂😇 #lottesupermaketkemang
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Cheers for the new Governor of Jakarta. Thx for all the good things you've done BaDja 🍻🍻
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Thanks for coming to our booth! See you tomorrow for very special offer you don't want to miss! Visit our booth at FHI2017 at Jakarta International Expo hall C, See you soon!
Day 3, @levintagewineshop at FHI 2017, Visit us for free wine tasting and get lucky dip for wine gifts! Come meet us at our booth; Jakarta International Expo Hall C
Enjoy free wine tasting at our booth! Visit our booth at hall C1, get special price for our bottles only in FHI 2017 ; Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran
Yang masih bingung happy puppy karaoke kemang ada dimana ??
Happy puppy kemang
Terletak digedung la codefin
Jalan kemang raya no 8
Jakarta selatan ya gaess.. Info lebih lanjut hub 021 719 9907
WhatsApp di 0889-9988-0055

Champagne is said to have been invented on this day by Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French monk. When he was making wine and couldn’t get rid of the bubbles, he tasted his accidental creation and exclaimed, “Come quickly! I am drinking the stars!” Thus, the invention of champagne in 1693.
Thank you for your purchase! It has always been our pleasure to serve you our finest wines. Do visit Le Vintage stores again at Kemang LaCodefin, D'Best Fatmawati, Gandaria City, and Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya. Our friendly & experienced store attendants will help you find that ideal bottle.
Fun fact: Women's alcohol tolerance is usually lower than men. This has nothing to do with their body weight or size, however, this is due to a higher fat content present in women. Since fat does not absorb any alcohol, it leads to a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC).
If Cabernet Sauvignon is the King of red grapes, then Napa Valley is its natural habitat. Napa Valley's generous climate provides vintage-to-vintage consistency and exceptional quality. Get up to 28% Discount for our Montes wines.
Come visit Le Vintage stores at Kemang LaCodefin, D'Best Fatmawati, Gandaria City, and Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya! Our friendly & experienced store attendants will help you find that ideal bottle.
La Luna is a Bordeaux Blend made from mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot organically-grown grapes. The vines that range from 11 to 22 years in age provide a low yield of about 6 tons of high quality fruit. This wine is full-bodied with flavours of red fruits and a hint of tobacco. Get Avondale La Luna 2006 which are on special this month at any LV stores including Le Vintage Kemang LaCodefin, Le Vintage Fatmawati, Le Vintage Gandaria City, & Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya!
One of the things that you can tell by looking at the color of the wine, is the region and climate where the grape vine is located. Darker shades of wine, namely the darkest reds and yellow whites come from warm climates. Lighter colors come from cooler climates and taste lighter and less lush.
Curious to know who are the world's top consumers of red wine? China has overtaken France and Italy to become the world's number one consumer of red wine. In fact, the Chinese drank their way to a record 155 million 9-litre cases of red wine in 2013, surpassing the French whose consumption had decreased by 18 % to 150 million cases. The increasing popularity of red wine in China is largely due to the fact that red is considered to be a lucky color. This symbolic importance combined with the health improving virtues of the drink, encourage them to grab bottles off shelves more and more often.
Congratulations to Cape Discovery for receiving the following medals from the 2017 CWSA “Best Value” Awards in Hong Kong:
1. Sauvignon Blanc = DOUBLE GOLD !!! 2. Rose = GOLD !!! 3. Chardonnay = GOLD !!! 4. Brut Cuvee = GOLD !!! 5. Shiraz = BRONZE !!! Get them at any Le Vintage's including Lottemart Kemang LaCodefin, Lottemart D'Best Fatmawati, Lottemart Gandaria City & Shangri-la Hotel Surabaya!