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First order of business when we got home from our recent road trip was culling 3.5k ghost followers and spambots (after which about 1,000 came flooding right back in). Do you think this will help or harm my campaign to become a Suggested User? #vote1lachlanpaynesuggesteduser
After nine days driving up the coast we headed inland for the return route, where we were greeted with grey skies, freezing cold, pouring rain and zero photo opportunities for four days. Then we found this creek. #payneroadtrip13
If you want to see this scene (and others) unfiltered and in real-ish time, hit me up on Lightt. I've been capturing random moments of our trip along the way and having lots of fun with it. It's a super neat app and once they've ironed out a few kinks in the UI it'll be even better I reckon. #avgcampro #payneroadtrip13
Who's sick of rocks and water? For those who are please direct your complaints to @othellonine, who recommended #avgcampro to me in the first place. #payneroadtrip13
I may be on holiday but that doesn't mean my campaign to become a Suggested User is. So keep tagging your shots with #vote1lachlanpaynesuggesteduser. There are some amazing prizes on offer, but I'm keeping them all myself. #selfportrait #payneroadtrip13
I lived up here for two years when I was studying photography. I'm still not entirely sure why I left. #noosa #sunshinecoast #payneroadtrip13
An average morning in Port Macquarie (looks better in 2x3 so go check out my Flickr, Twitter etc.) #avgcampro #afterlight #olloclip #payneroadtrip13