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Ok but how stupid it would be if Rey and Ben turned out to be cousins or even siblings? It would seriously be ESB&ROTJ all over again. Why would they do that? It would make no sense and I think it would be boring. I think the bond between Rey and Kylo is so much more interesting if it's not just bc they have the same blood. Also you know I ship Reylo soooo if they were related..well that'd suck.
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With Rey, Geoff the giraffe, and I somehow acquired "my son's" lightsaber.
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Who's favourite location in the Revenge of the Sith is Mustafar?
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How Kylo ren would dress like plus the type of music he would listen to #kyloren #emokyloren #starterpack #bensolo #starwarsmemes
NFCC 2017. Had a blast with the debut of my Kylo Ren/Assassin's Creed crossplay. Definitely a trend I will be continuing further down the line with other Star Wars characters. MTFBW!
#StayingGeek #StarWars #AssassinsCreed #KyloRen #EvieFrye
I'd like to apologise for not being as active as I first intended to be on this joint account! It is difficult running three pages and I'll make it my best effort to post as much as I can.