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Lo scorso anno sconvolse i fan rasandosi i capelli a zero. Il nuovo look, però, non ha fatto che incorniciare la forte personalità e valorizzarla. Bellissima figlia di Goldie Hawn, cresciuta dal compagno di lei Kurt Russel meglio che da un papà vero; di recente si è vociferato che frequentasse il nuovamente scapolo Brad Pitt. Indubbiamente, insieme formerebbero una coppia super. Buon 39esimo compleanno a Kate Hudson. #katehudson #goldiehawn #kurtrussell #bradpitt #gossip #radiofeccia #sfattoquotidiano #picoftheday #bestoftheday #photooftheday #tagsforlikes #tags #like4like #likeforlike #likeforfollow #followme #follow4follow
User Image filmkult Posted: Apr 19, 2018 7:01 AM (UTC)

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Generačný rozdiel, kedy si Kurt Russell miesto mobilov radšej schrupol.
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User Image damoviemaestro Posted: Apr 19, 2018 4:45 AM (UTC)

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The Movie Maestro's Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) dir. James Gunn

It's time to make kickass sequels and chew bubblegum, and the Guardians are all out of gum. Everything works in this film, the cinematography, the acting, the lighting, the music (of course), the plot, the editing, simply everything. Guardians 2 is a film that knows what it wants to be, and accomplishes that in spades.

While the rest of the MCU is primarily concerned with overarching stories and large-scale world building, Guardians 2 is happily unaffected by this mandate, giving James Gunn room to breathe in ways even Joss Whedon wasn’t afforded. Mull on that injustice all you want, but I’m here to talk Guardians, and it pays off for this film. Setting the story a mere three months after the first, Gunn finally answers the biggest questions leftover from that film: who is Peter Quill’s father, and why didn’t Yondu deliver Peter to him? In steps the legendary Kurt Russell as the human form of Ego the Living Planet, revealing to Peter his inherited godhood. It’s a great new-age approach to cosmic Marvel, one that bears slight similarities to cosmological mythology. This allows Gunn’s art team to conjure some truly memorable sights and sounds, propelling this weird little superhero flick into Jodorowsky territory.

More than anything however, Guardians 2 is the character-driven film of Phase 3. Nearly every character is afforded the chance to shine, and just about everything Gunn does with his actors eclipses even Whedon’s character juggling on The Avengers, tying it all together with this one, paramount theme: true family. Yes, it’s been done to death, the notion that your family is the one you choose, not the one you’re born into, but Guardians 2 has a lot of help with its blunt approach to the material in the form of monster laughs, superheroic thrills, and one ungodly adorable Baby Groot.

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User Image spookshowbabydoll Posted: Apr 19, 2018 4:21 AM (UTC)

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How today has me.
Woke up at 2:45 am and couldn't sleep since, worked my 4 hour shift at one job, got told the piercing I want is 'impossible' and they tried to get me to custom order jewelry to make it work their way, not into it. Then I get phoned and told that I'm supposed to be at a shift at my other job that I had no idea I took it; must've missed it in my texts or forgot to write it down.
Don't get home until midnight. Oof, what a day
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User Image teresagarzachecalamovie Posted: Apr 19, 2018 3:29 AM (UTC)

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Súper divertido conversar con @ederbez acerca de su película #overboard que se estrena el 4 de Mayo ... ya le Dije que Anna Faris se me imagina mucho #goldiehawn y Eugenio !!! Por supuesto .... #kurtrussell #pictureoftheday
User Image chroniclecollectibles Posted: Apr 19, 2018 12:01 AM (UTC)

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