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😂🙄 happy birthday to me fellow creepy soul sista @quesaramorgan 👻 hope you're having the best day in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 we'll have birthday + halloween celebrations when you get back, which will of course consist of us pretending to be #kreyshawn and #lildebbie 🎈🎃💕
I'm infinite like possibilities.
Opening your mouth to question my validity Is like trying to contradict the theory of relativity.
When I spit its the epitome of heavy artillery.
My enemies are obsessed with me like the bitch in Misery.
But break out like a father running from responsibility.
Every time I step and abuse the mic with versatility.
I balance humility, with brutal instinct.
And I don't care about your link, or your luxury car
I shed light with more magnitude than all of the stars.
#prettyinpink #savage #coldworld #immortaltechnique #vanity #superioritycomplex #crownme #queen #kreyshawn #ganjagoddess #lyricist #whatyearisthis #everydaysabattle #tryme #photoshoot #wine #pearls #tastetherainbow #inbetweenintelligenceandsplitpersonalities

You can kiss the ring but you can't touch the crown, I smoke a million swisher blunts and I ain't ever coming down.
Im sick of dudes trying to hit me up, and pretending not to see I have a man. No not a man, a HUSBAND. No I don't want to see your little penis, no I will not send you nudes, and NO YOU CANNOT HAVE MY SNAPCHAT. Fuck off you stupid cunts, and refer to my video that was posted recently about who I allow on my snap and who I don't. Just because I show my ass and body doesn't mean I'm asking you to hit me up. I worked really hard to get the body I have now, and I'm fucking proud of it. I used to weigh over 220lbs. This is my account and I am allowed to post whatever I please. That does not mean I want you to hit me up so I can see your ugly weak ass cock and we can talk about how you want to fuck me. I got dick in my life that you will never come close to giving me. I wish I could find all your mamas and show her what a shit show of a man she raised, or slap her because like #kreyshawn says only a bitch could raise such a fucking dog. #fuckoff #myhusbandismybestfriend #nonudes #nosnapchat #fuckboys #mybodymychoice #justcuzishowoffmybodydoesntmeaniwantyoutohaveit
❄️White.As.Snow❄️ what'chu know about that platinum life? This is my main POR VIDA!!!! @breakingbadhair you are too legit to quit ✌🏻😎 you always make me frosty and feel beautiful! Thanks for being one of my BFFLs 💋 I love you!!!!!!!! #platinumblonde #professionalhair #blondeguru #theshit #icantquityou #addicted #makesmebeautiful #hairtherapy #kreyshawn #breakingbadhair #bakersfieldhairstylist

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