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I cherish every stepping stone he approaches in life because it is my last time going through the transitions of raising a baby😢 every learning stage we approach means soooo much to me because I know it's my last time experiencing the little precious moments lightweight sad but I've been blessed with 2 amazing children 🙏🏽❤️ my last little one #FatDaddy #StinkBaby #MyMJ #Knocked 😴
I’ve read about the benefits of this all natural Lush lotion that promotes sleep for months. Poppycock, I think. (Yeah, I thought it was such BS, I pulled out an 18th century colloquialism.) However, every time I was near a @lushcosmetics store, I’d pop in. Each time, sold out. Yesterday, I hit pay dirt. A shipment just arrived that morning, and they claimed they’d be sold out by tomorrow. Alrighty then.
The ingredients tout an oatmeal infusion with almond oil, lavender water, organic jojoba oil, and organic cocoa butter. All natural things I literally have in my cabinet. The smell is fresh and lovely, not overpowering. My husband thinks it’s a lighter Obsession, remember that? Anyhow, the lotion is rich, creamy, and luxuriant. So far: winning.
I rubbed a little on my arms, chest, and feet. Held hands with Tymm, loved on Brutus and BOOM; it’s morning. I woke up almost hung over. Disoriented even. I slept hard. HARD HARD. This stuff is no joke. Use with care. It’s like a happy roofie.
#lush #lushsleepy #lotion #allnatural #sleepy #zzz #knocked #brutus #dogmodel #getsome #review
"First off
Take your top off
Too real to be knocked off
$200 slides, my socks off
It's movie time, I'm box office
With or without the watch flossin'
Be cautious, no losses taken this year
They always thought we'd have a problem making it here
Pun intended
No money issue is unattended"
#too #real #to #be #knocked #off
You know it’s gonna be good when an entire fruit bowl is on top of your drink 😏
😂😂😂😂😂 my brother told me not to post this...but who listens to their brother? 🤷#knocked #toofunny #bigasskid #gotem