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I am like everyone out there who fear a lot of things. I'm scared of heights yet i love the thought of climbing mountains one day. I fear the dark and prefer company than being home alone. I panic at the sight of tiny insects, spiders, leeches and crawling things. I hate cockroaches the most. Why? I was chased by a flying roaches before.😫
Benny was my champion killer. He loved to hunt and catch. One day, he came home with a lizard in his mouth.😝 He was proud and lay it next to my feet. I felt special and honored to receive such gift. Especially when its from Benny. I smiled at him and said my thank you. 😄🤗😘 Then later, flush it down the toilet. 😷🙄
Alan was different. One day, a cockroach came for a visit. I screamed for help and Alan came as expected. Benny was at the hospital, so Alan was my only hope. The cockroach knew its in trouble. Alan just stared at it, curiously. Watching and waiting.😒 Cockroach decide to play hide and seek before he quickly went out the window. Peacefully 😌. Aww Alan, smart boy. You saved mommy! 😘😘
He didn't harm 🦎 who play dead too. Damn 🦎 tricked me and drop its tail while i tried to pick it up with a stick. 🤢, the horror i felt watching its tail wringled like tiny 🐍 on 🔥. Alan showed no interest. 😔 Benny would have killed it with no remorse and i bet he would swallow the tail too.🤒😋🤣🤣😎 I'm not sure about other Alc,but Alan only kill for food. He won't kill any fish that is bigger than him too!! Smart. I guess size matters in the wild. Being tiny cat, they have to be smart to survive in the jungle. It makes me wonder if Benny can survive the jungle. I don't know, nah. He would clumsily fall from the branches. Me?? I know I won't last long in the jungle alone. 100% sure.😬😧 #catskills #catsofinstagram #rememberingalan #alc #asianleopardcats #memories #kucinghutan #kucinglucu #ilovemycat #kittygang #imissmycat #wildcats
From all the toys that I’ve bought for her, she still choose my fingers to play.
Just sad...
Seeing a dark side of this business makes me wanna care for my cats even more. New projects at @youandmeowcafe are on the way, to make my #kittygang happy even more 😊 #goodtrip #valuablelesson #sad #developments
Now for the fun #TBT!! Brothers #f1brotherkai and #f1brotherzeke battling it out for the sweet spot on the couch a few months before I came. The spot that one cat has held down for amounts of time. The spot is so worked in now it sits 4” lower than the rest. And guess who currently holds that spot down?!!! 👑👑🦍🦍💪💪💪🤣🤣
#TBT to a picture of my FATHER!!! Last week u got mom, thats where the cuteness comes from, this guy right here, he’s where everything else is from!!💪💪💪💪👑👑👑👑#asianleopardcat #alc #asianleopard #leopardcat #wildcat #blacan #kucinghutan #kittygang #rememberingalan
Umm don't mind me why I clean myself on your desk #kittygang
Happy Anniversary Kitty Pie❤️me and belly love you so much ! #FiveYears #Iloveyouforever #KittyGang

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