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User Image tomubolds Posted: Dec 18, 2017 2:53 PM (UTC)
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Un anno fa atterrava sull'isola sperduta di Sea Lion Island il team di ricerca più simpatico che l'arcipelago delle Falkland avesse mai conosciuto!! 🐘🌊 #sealionisland #falkland #elephantseals #killerwhale #giovanifuoriclasse 🍼 (anche il più produttivo dai)
User Image Posted: Dec 18, 2017 2:45 PM (UTC)

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On June 17, 1995 captive born female Kalina gave birth to her second calf at just 9 years old at SeaWorld Orlando. The calf was a male named Keto sired by the Icelandic male Kotar.
However, Keto only stayed at the Orlando park for little more than 3 years before being transferred to the San Diego park in 1999 where he met his older brother, Keet. In April of 2000, Keto was moved again to the park in Aurora, Ohio with his brother Keet and another male named Sumar.
Keto was moved once again in February of 2001 to the San Antonio park where he grew very close to the female named Kayla, and would reportedly fight with a male named Kyuquot over her. He was reunited with his brother Keet in 2004, but in February of 2006, Keto and 3 other young whales were transferred to Loro Parque in Spain. The four were sent on a breeding loan and therefore are owned by SeaWorld; though they were scrutinized for the move, as Keto, Kohana, Tekoa, and Skyla are all related.
The combination of these relatively young whales also presented a problem in terms of social structure, as the group lacked a dominant matriarch and still does. This has led to aggression issues between the whales, and sometimes aggression towards trainers. However, Keto had already been displaying issues with trainers before his move to Loro Parque.
In September of 1998 he pushed his trainer around the pool, open mouthed, and swam into another trainer open mouthed in both March of 1999 and August 2002, as well as snapping at his trainer during a training session in December 1999. Keto’s aggression seemed to escalate, however, on December 24, 2009.
During a 10:30am training session for the Christmas Special, 29 year old trainer Alexis Martínez was struck and killed by Keto. At first, it was said that Alexis had drowned due to being unconscious and held underwater for several minutes.
Video: @killer__whales_
Caption: 56-Blackfish" #killerwhale #dontgotoseaworld #dontgotoloroparque
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Posted by@killer__whales_
There's never any guarantee on an Orca Safari but on this day we came across a great pod of about 40, couldn't have asked for a better result.
Canada 🇨🇦 July 2014.
#victoria #orca #orcapod #britishcolumbia #bc #orcapods #killerwhale #canada #northamerica #igworldclub #naturephotography #trialislands #victoriaharbour #igcanada #igerscanada #vancouverisland
User Image jdvos_com Posted: Dec 18, 2017 2:31 PM (UTC)

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Its very difficult to describe the overwhelming mix of feelings when an #orcacalf comes close enough to look at you, that you can literally look into his or her eye... 🐋 Shot with @ikelite 🐙#followmeunderwater #arcticfreediving #killerwhale #orcaunderwater #cetacean #norway #orca
User Image whale_insta_s2 Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:54 PM (UTC)

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User Image whale_life_us Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:17 PM (UTC)

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from @seanbondphotos - from @anmlsworld - Via @discoverocean
no big deal. four 30 ton whales swimming silently below. 🐋
Vid by @uheheu
#ocean #whale #nature #animal #animals #wow
User Image larrythehe Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:21 PM (UTC)

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SeaWorld announced the passing of Kyara, a whale calf, reports say that she died of a serious case on pneumonia. Pneumonia in captive killer whales occurs secondary to stress, unbalanced water disinfection with chlorine, and indiscriminate antibiotic therapy. SeaWorld claims that the animals health and welfare is in their best interest while 39 orcas have died on their watch. In the wild, orcas swim 100+ miles a day but in captivity all they have is a concrete pool in which they swim in circles all day. I would accept SeaWorld if their interest was to educate the public on these creatures and inform people of an orcas natural life, but they don’t. SeaWorld spouts lies to every person that walks through their gates. Male orcas can live for 60 to 70 years while females can love for 80 to 100 years. It is not okay to keep these animals in ‘bathtubs’ and separate mothers and calves just to make money off of them. (All of this is my own opinion and knowledge on this topic, I am not posting this to harm SeaWorld or any other companies that use these animals, I am posting it to raise awareness on the topic so please hold all rude comments)
User Image charlotte.ely Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:17 PM (UTC)

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Change is hard, just like the change I've had to face when @instagram wrongly deactivated my previous account (yes, I'm going to hassle them till they fix it) Either way, #tb to me making a slightly bigger change in my life and getting my first creds @georgeekellyy #tattoo
#tattoos #killerwhale #choker #rippedjeans #nopainnogain #itdidnthurt
User Image lafabricamb Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:03 PM (UTC)

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¿Ballenas Asesinas? ¡Las nuestras no! Si escuchas con atención es fácil oír las musicales voces de las orcas llamando a sus crías...
Killer whales? Not ours! If you listen carefully it’s easy to hear their musical voices calling their babies...
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