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When I post my content here, I do not like to think I'm supporting the kids and the whole Columbine story. Thinking about it bothers me a lot and leaves me quite reclusive and restless. The only thing I can do here is to make it clear to everyone who condemns: I am not psychotic, I am not a bad person, I would not be able to do harm to anyone and, finally, the most cliché and not least: NO IT IS BECAUSE I STUDY COLUMBINE THAT I WILL BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME ATROCITY. Just this, I ask you to understand, there is much more behind the act, but the whole story is terribly sad, only those who make sure to study know how much it consumes our emotions. ✨♥️✨⚓
User Image watskeepsyousexy Posted: Jan 16, 2018 5:13 PM (UTC)

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🙅🏽#Dont let people #talk YOU out of something just because THEY don't #understand it....sometimes people can be #dream #killers based off of ignorance!! 💯💅🏽😏
User Image fromcolumbiners_ Posted: Jan 16, 2018 5:06 PM (UTC)
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Eric Harris: The hater. Can any of you guys help me get to know his story better? I do not know much about Eric, I would like to know some facts and curiosities. Who knows a lot there? ✨⚓
User Image thousandmovieproject Posted: Jan 16, 2018 4:37 PM (UTC)

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#CurrentlyWatching: moviepicture n.185, THE KILLERS (1946), based on a Hemingway short story that I remember not liking when I read it in a Hemingway class in college -- which was taught by a professor named Phil, late 60s, whose manicures were always immaculate and who wore silk tropical shirts beneath a blazer and told me lotsa stories, over coffee in the campus bookstore, about his third wife, sweet lady, who he realized only several years into their marriage was also a kleptomaniac. Had a couple storage lockers around town packed to capacity with nicked shit. Marriage, man.
Anyway. Good movie.
#marriage #hemingway #love #dating #thekillers #killers #ThousandMovieProject #noir #keywest #kleptomaniac #miami #305 #dade #cinema #filmmakers #filmmaking #stories #storyteller #storytelling #crime #hitman #assassin #divorce
User Image phi11ybadass Posted: Jan 16, 2018 4:35 PM (UTC)

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Went over the game plan with this stud for about 12 minutes in the back. Came out and played this fight like a video game. @universalartis1 listened to everything I said, stuck to the game plan and got the first round finish via ..timeout “ain’t no time outs in this shit nigga”😂 killed em. #fight #notimeouts #cagedaggression #ufc #bellator #mma #stoppage #1stround #wefight #wefinish #killers
User Image galaxy.arsun Posted: Jan 16, 2018 4:18 PM (UTC)
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Paddling out to killers for one wave. At least it was the longest wave. #surfer #killers #paddleout #growth
User Image konradobjj Posted: Jan 16, 2018 3:45 PM (UTC)

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Dzięki tym dwóm pojee...yyyy znaczy młodym, zdolnym i inteligentnym dżentelmenom wróciłem na matę po ponad dwóch latach nieobecności. I cieszę się każdym wspólnym treningiem 🤙🤙 Thank You my brothers from another mothers!🤙🤙💪💪

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